On: Getting 'It' Together.

'Productivity, not Procrastination'

Oh, the fine art of getting your shit together… I've said it time and time again, but adulting is strange and often difficult, it's not something I think one can truly master, because I think that life in itself, is a series of tumultuous tests and varying degrees of highs and lows, but i think it's a good thing to try and get in control of your life. I've always been 'somewhat' organised, something i blame on being a finicky Virgo, however I can be extraordinarily lazy, and brush my responsibilities under a pillow and a duvet and sleep through my problems. Since going back into education as a 'mature' student, i've tried to use tips and tricks from working in practice during my year out, to coping with the heavy workload of Part 2.
1.) Wake up early. You know the saying, "The early bird catches the worm?", turns out it's true.

2.) Lists, Lists, Lists: Write out what you need to do and when you need to do it by. The wall above my desk is testament to my excessive list-making, but in times of too-much-work-wah-help, i find that breaking down my responsibilities into bite sized chunks makes things easier, and i feel so accomplished when i tick off each thing on my list.

3.) Keep motivated: I know twee quotes about positivity aren't always for everyone, but who doesn't like music? I'll listen to everything from Taylor Swift to Future to keep me motivated and wanting to work (or dance if i go down the Afrobeats route).

4.) Take responsibility: Here's a boring one, but a lot has changed between the ages of 18 and 24 for me. I've made a conscious decision to think of the repercussions of any decision I make. Hold yourself accountable.

5.) ….But don't be too hard on yourself: This journey through life is a learning process, none of us are perfect, and nor will we ever be and it's so important to remember this. I have a bad habit of dwelling on things that don't go to plan and letting it knock me off my feet for a very long time and it's something I'm working on eliminating. It's important to give yourself a break!

So here is how i've been learning to get my 'ish together, how do you adult?



  1. Everytime I feel I'm procrastinating rather than working on things I don't like to be honest, you have the best post with useful advices! For me, the only way to get things done when I'm not feeling it, is by making myself happy again in any way possible (music always helps!) and just start doing it!

    Good morning Sade <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  2. I need to do all of these and yet...I don't. I procrastinate doing stuff so much, and then end up doing it on a whim when I least expect it!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. Lovely post Sade. I definitely need to get better at being productive x

  4. Lovely post!
    I'm really not a morning person but for the days I become one they usually turn to be best days.


  5. I'm still trying to adjust to this 'adult' thing! I'm 24 next month and feel I have a while to go before my life is together but I'm on the right track :) I do most things on your list, music is everything! x
    Maya O


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