The Maxi Shirt Dress - 3 Ways To Wear.

One Dress, A Multitude of Styling Options…

One thing that student life forces you to be, is resourceful. Most items in my wardrobe are re-mixed a few times a week so I can get wear out of them, spend less money buying new pieces of clothing, and prove that sometimes it's not how much you buy, but rather what you buy, and although I do have my frivolous purchases, for the most part i'll buy (or if i'm working with brands, request) items of clothing that I can wear again and again. This Maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins is no exception to this rule, and when choosing it, I knew exactly how I could wear it in a few different ways and take it from summer through to winter. If like me, you like to get your money's worth out of the items in your wardrobe, here are three easy ways to max out your maxi with varying shoe styling perfect for Spring and Summer! (hehe geddit?).


One of my favourite ways to make outfits 'pop', is to layer like my life depends on it. I rarely leave the house without a long scarf, or a jacket because i feel so naked without layers, even in the hades heat of summer, i'll still throw on layers. For look 1, i threw on a faux leather jacket i picked up last year, a pair of my most comfortable skinny black jeans, some chunky block heeled boots and a black fedora. Easy Peasy, plus this style could see you through Autumn, Winter and well into Spring.



All hail the simple midi skirt and strappy tee. A year round staple of mine. The midi skirt is always an easy option for me due to it's simple cut and smooth fit on my figure, and as much as i like a tighter fitting bottom, i love that i can stretch my legs in an A-Line midi skirt. As the weather warms up, i like to throw on sheer shirts or button down dresses like this one, on with a belt to cinch it in at the waist.



Sometimes easy does it, look 3 is, well, wearing it the way it was made to be worn! Summery, Prairie-Boho vibes for this one with a headscarf and some lace up chunky wedges (which i'll be living in as soon as the weather is warm enough for my toes not to fall off). This dress actually buttons all the way down, but to go with the whole relaxed vibe, i unbutton it to just above my knee for a cheeky flash of my legs, and of course the shoes of dreams that i'm wearing!

What I Wore…

Dress* - Dorothy Perkins | Boots* - Dorothy Perkins | Heels* - Dorothy Perkins | Flats* - Dorothy Perkins | Leather Jacket - Topshop | Hat - Miss Selfridge | Strappy Tee - H&M | Skirt - ASOS 

So, which is your favourite look?



  1. You are so beautiful Sade. The dress-as-kimono look has been one of my secretly coveted looks for a while now. It thing is goes back to when Mo (darling MissLionHunter) was doing festival looks.

    But I enjoyed all the looks! Love both the dress and the heels (erm never thought I would ever say that about gladiator-adjacent shoes). Also your wig!

    Ok I'll stop typing now.


  2. First look is so edgy, love it! Second is more my style. All looks are bomb tho :)

  3. I love your wig!!
    It suits you so well
    Look 2 is definitely my style

  4. Absolutely love this! I have been looking for a maxi shirt dress similar to this. So glad I stumbled across this post. I am inspired and hopefully I can still find it online.xx


  5. You nailed it. Loved every way especially the first.


  6. all of these are beaut but the first look is my favourite! xx

  7. The first look is my favorite! Kinda edgy and sexy.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  8. Thank you Sade, I have said it & I will say it again. Your style rocks & makes my heart flutter. It's all paired down simply super stylish. You have given me another dimension to add to my wardrobe. It sings to my Virgo need for simplicity but creatively influential.

  9. loved the ways you maximized this shirt dress! #1 was my absolute fave!

  10. 1st is my fave - I do love a trouser/dress combo

    Jen x

  11. love this, I have a similar one form m&s but its white and too sheer to wear as an actual dress. hadn't thought of wearing as a kimono though

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

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