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A city filled with good food, great coffee and a whole lotta heart...

I'd like to consider myself an adopted Liverpudlian now. I'll save the gushing and outpouring of love that I have for this little city for another day, but it is truly a spectacular place and I'm always finding new places to wine and dine in the city that fits well within my student budget. So, maybe i've twisted your finger a little bit and you're thinking of visiting my wonderful adopted city, what would you do for the afternoon? Well, here my friends, is a wee guide of things you can eat, drink, and do in the city of Scouse, The Beatles and Football…


92 degrees coffee
92 degrees coffee liverpool
92 degrees coffee
92 degrees coffee review
You can often find myself and my course mates at 92 Degrees, a coffee shop that i've loved ever since i sat in it panicked, just before my Masters interview in Liverpool. They do a good flat white, not as good as Bold Street Coffee mind you, but still quite good, and they have a mean selection of delicious cakes, bagels and sweet treats. Another great place is Cow & Co, which I've written about briefly hereCow & Co do brilliant waffles and sell hard to find indie magazines and minimalist homeware pieces that i absolutely love. It's a little bit off the beaten track, but well worth a visit.


Oh boy, for food LEAF is my go to. Not only do they do a superb spread for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even evening drinks, but they do the best tea in the city, no word of a lie. If you visit, i'd recommend the Butter Truffle Latte and the Crispy Squid Salad. So so good! If you're more of a burger person however i'd recommend Free State Kitchen who do DELICIOUS mac n' cheese and the crispiest of crispy fries, mmmm. If you're thinking more quick bites and more wine, then please do try The Buyers Club, which is a cute little hidey hole of a place with an expansive wine offering.


Known as the next best city after London for it's many art galleries, there isn't a shortage of things to do here in Liverpool. On most Sundays after church, i find myself at the waterfront, and if i'm not admiring the view across The River Mersey of Birkenhead (and Wales!), i'm at Tate Liverpool purchasing far too many postcards and getting lost in the world of Matisse and co. The waterfront has pretty much everything anyone visiting Liverpool would want, it's cute, tourist friendly and there are restaurants, cafe's and museums all clustered together with a sprinkling of history in the air. If you'd like something a little more central, try the Bluecoat, one of my favourite places to wander around when I have an hour or two spare. It's a fairly small gallery with a cafe and a lovely garden filled with fragrant flowers. There is also a lovely bookshop on the premises with the occasional record, vintage and book sale happening a few times a month.

All in all, I'm a little biased as Liverpool is, and will be my home until 2017, but it truly is a lovely place. I'm currently back in the south for Easter, and i'm missing the quietness and the friendliness of the North so much!  A big thank you to Travelodge who sent my friends and I on this mission! Travelodge currently have an interactive map of the coolest digs in Liverpool to check out, in case you're wanting more ideas or places to check out!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!



  1. wonderful photos! this has made me hungry too...

  2. I've always wanted to go to Liverpool.
    All that food looks so good....

  3. Gorgeous photos. Liverpool looks lovely x


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