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When I think of effortlessly chic fashion. I think of the French. There is something so incredibly feminine and crisp about French style. Nothing is overdone, and it all looks and feels so fresh, uncomplicated and most importantly - fun. With women like Julia Sarr Jamois, Jane Birkin and Audrey Tautou as my French style-spiration, i've been experimenting with simplifying my style, and focusing on comfort, neatness and splashes of colour here and there. 
With the weather going from hailstones to blue sunny skies within the hour, my Spring/Summer wardrobe is quite the mishmash of textures, shapes and colours, but my uniform as of late has been girlfriend fit jeans, a baggy tee, a duster coat or faux leather jacket and some trainers or clogs, like this pair of bright red ones that I bought from fellow clog enthusiast Kristabel.


Things I Wish I Knew When I First Went 'Natural'...

what i wish i knew when i went natural
I stopped relaxing my hair back in November 2009, and cut off the last of my relaxed hair in February 2011, if i can remember correctly. Natural hair back then was still relatively new in the UK and I relied heavily on blog posts and youtube videos of women with kinky curly afro textured hair across the pond for advice. Kimmaytube and Naptural85 were my saviours! Now, black, brown and mixed race women across the globe are embracing the hair that grows out of their scalp, and it's a lovely thing to see. 

Here are some things I wish I knew when I first went 'Natural'…

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