She Loves Dresses...


And so do I!

I love the internet. For providing me with hours of silly entertainment via Buzzfeed quizzes, videos of cats backflipping, and of course connecting with people from all over the globe. And one connection in particular stands out, because I've seen a blog friend grow and blossom into an incredibly talented designer and seamstress and it's so nice to see people do what they are truly passionate about. Jenny, also known as 'She Loves Dresses' is brilliant because she champions diversity in her brand and is aware that women come in all sorts of sizes, colours, shapes and heights and works with these to her advantage! I love to see others do what they are truly passionate about, and support them in whatever way I can #GIRLBOSSESUNITE, and only since doing little bits and pieces of my own freelance work have I realised how incredibly stressful working for yourself can be! So hats off to Jenny and so many others who are working so hard to provide quality, handmade pieces <3


Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum.

In the words of our beloved Shia LeBoeuf, "Just DO it!"

A few weeks ago, a thought popped up in my head and I wondered idly… "What will happen when I run out of things to photograph and blog about?". And that thought followed me around, swirled around my head and made me squint. The answer? I have not a single clue. Will In My Sunday Best end up a desolate graveyard of a twenty something year old's odd sartorial choices and too much information writings complete with endless unmoderated spam comments relating to Viagra? Or would I just get bored one day and hit the delete key (If there is one?). The truth is, (And please no tiny violins yet, hear me out) i think i was feeling like i'm not 'hip' or 'cool' enough to be a blogger, and i think the fact that i used the words hip and cool in one sentence alone shows that i am not but i digress… You see blogging has become a powerful force, people are being taken seriously and bloggers are getting big bucks for their work, as they should be! Bloggers I began with and indeed bloggers who have started a year ago have far surpassed me in regards to blog achievements and sometimes I sit down and think oh sh*t, should I be doing this too? What should I be doing?! Omfg help! So, in essence today's post will be a wordy albeit upbeat one, about loving your work, yourself and being proud of yourself!


On: The Things I Learned During My First Year of Masters.


"Go Down The Academic Path They Said. It'll Be Fun They Said…"

I shit you not, It feels like I blinked and I finished my first year! I still can't quite believe that my first year of Masters has flown by so quickly?! It literally still feels like I'm an awkward eighteen year old bumbling through life, now i'm a twenty four year old bumbling through life (albeit with an end goal in sight this time). It has been a very feverish, rushed, exciting and tiring year. A smorgasbord of feelings from extreme sadness to astonishing highs. I felt everything under the sun, probably because I was so intensely focused on 'doing well' this year (more on the doing well bit later..), and my only concern was to get good grades. This year was pleasant though because I've finished on a very comfortable grade for my final year, and I have a clear understanding of my stregths and weaknesses academic wise and even simply life wise. Masters is very different from Undergrad because well… For a start everyone is older and therefore much more mature, for example, there are people who are married, or have kids or do other things alongside Architecture and it makes for a really interesting and cool group of people to talk to in studio. But I digress, here are a few things I learned during my first year in the north...


New Hair, Who This?

irresistible me hair extensions review 2016

"Because sometimes you've got to switch it up!"

I think i've reached my peak as a black blogger because i can finally tick the "I got free hair" section off my wishlist (i kid!). I'm not about to turn full weave and wig blogger on you guys though as it's something i do when i want to switch it up from my daily bun and get a little creative. Irresistible Me were kind enough to get into contact with me and ask if i'd like to try out their clip in extensions. I said of course! Because 1.) When i straighten my hair, i'd prefer it with a little more thickness and length to do certain styles like milkmaid braids, or a sleek all back long pony and 2.) Although i like to switch it up, i absolutely hate anything being on my head that isn't the hair that grows from my own scalp, so clip in's were the best option, plus I had seen Lesley from Fresh Lengths blog about her Irresistible Me experience and I was curious!

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