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Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Art of Wearing What You Like..

There are so many articles and think pieces that go into great detail in regards to what one should wear for their body type, height, skin tone, political agenda… you name it. For example, I did't wear horizontal stripes for a long time because it had been drilled into my head that horizontal stripes were apparently 'unflattering'. Now that i'm older and a little wiser, I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever the hell you want, as long as you (the most important thing here!) feel comfortable in it! I ummed and ahhh-ed about this beautiful Moddolly smock dress because of it's length and cutesy design. On one hand I thought oh gosh i'm going to be 25 soon, shouldn't I be wearing heels and skirt suits everywhere? And on the other hand I thought Oh-my-gawsh-it's-soooooo-cute-must-have-it. The latter obviously won, and for good reason, the detailing on this dress is out of this world and I received so many compliments from people the first day i debuted it.
Sometimes with blogging it feels like you have to sort of stick to your one style to make it 'work' for you, but i love being able to switch it up from vampy, to cutesy to easy breezy simple with just my mood and I guess that's what I love about style, it's so personal to each and every one of us.

What I Wore…

Dress - Moddolly | Ring - Aliquo | Shoes - Boden | Coat - Boden | Hair - Braided by yours truly!


  1. Absolutely love this look on you! Great post.

    Anika |

  2. Hahahaha. This is me, when I think I shouldn't be wearing some kind of outfits and that I'm too old for it. Such a pretty dress and I love it with the coat.

  3. Love the dress! And I totally agree, fashion is about self expression and no person is just one thing we are a collection of traits, tastes and moods and this should all be expressed via our clothing! Xx

  4. this look!! and the backdrop is perf x

  5. I think you should be able to wear what makes you feel good about yourself, and wear it with confidence!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. This dress is PERFECT! I love it and I love it on you! Booo to rules, wear what you want when you want! <3 x

  7. This is so so cute! And the shoes make it ten times better. You're totally right, wear what makes you happy!xx

  8. Absolute beauty! Love your hair especially x

  9. Never heard of Moddolly before.
    Just checked out their website and many of their pieces look like dresses you will look great in.


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