Things I Like #1.

Occasionally I will come across things online that are far too cute / perfect / amazing for me not to share, and although I'm a Pinterest addict, i feel like this is probably the best place to share them as  not everyone uses it (You totally should if you aren't yet!), so here is what might be a monthly or even bi-monthly series of things that have piqued my interest, and might pique yours too!

carissa gallo
Carissa Gallo's photography work is nothing short of breathtaking. The backdrops juxtaposed against varying skin tones creates stunning pieces of work. Her 'Color Studies' are my favourite, particularly the Pink Study above. The models dark skin against the blush pink clothing and background produces a sort of sweetness, playfulness and innocence which i find wonderful as darker skin is rarely portrayed as such but rather as sexy, strong and filled with attitude which in itself is a post for another day. Each of the other colours both contrast and harmonise with the models skin tones, hair and even features. Gallo's photography fills me with a sense of happiness and i just can't get over the rawness and the whimsicality of this set of photos. 
kate la vie makeup collection
As far as candles go, I think Anthropologie do some of the best ones on the market and although i'm a Yankee Candle girl through and through, I think it's the design of the Anthropologie candles that get me, rather than the actual scents! I love how pretty and quaint all their designs are, and make no mistake they also smell pretty darn great too. I'm currently lusting after the above 'Maison Mini Candle Tin' in Prosecco Bellini because who wouldn't want their house to smell like the start of a great brunch ;).

Ok, can we please talk about Kate's makeup collection and her incredible decor skills?! This photo has been doing the rounds on tumblr and for good reason too, it's everything all of us want! All her photos bring this airy, fresh crispness but still shows that she maintains a lovely sense of femininity and i absolutely love it! Beware, this post may make you jealous and want to throw out your entire makeup collection and start again with new decor and furniture!
claire plekhoff
Claire Plekhoff is another stellar Pinterest find, as of late i've found myself drawn to more playful makeup and shunning anything that is in anyway related to 'being on fleek'. I've missed makeup not being taken so seriously, it's something to have fun with! No, you are not a freak if your eyebrows have not been perfectly prepped, primed and primped. I felt myself going down the black hole of 'Shit, i forgot to put on my highlighter before i left the house, i am not a glazed donut princess ahhhhh' and genuinely freaking out a little bit over it. I think Plekhoff's work is a nice reminder that we can have fun with makeup!
treasure tress review
You guys know I have a soft spot for small homegrown brands, especially those in black hair and beauty, and I will always talk about well run, professional brands and get the word out! (Not everyday order hair care products from America y'know!) Treasure Tress is one of these brands! For a lot of people, choosing hair products can be a daunting process, especially when you first learn the multiple in's and out's of caring for black hair and the art of length retention (it's moisture y'all! - well for my hair anyway). I think my one gripe's about the box I received was that I thought it had a few too many wash day products and not enough styling products but thats down to personal preference more than anything, and each box differs month by month. But other than that, i love the concept of it and would happily order one! So if you've been struggling with picking products, maybe give this method a try and see which products work for you. 

And to finish, this quote by Claude Monet, found on A Gentlewoman,  "I must have flowers, always and always….". Pretty relevant to my floral and botanical interests to be quite honest aha!

What interesting things have you found this week?



  1. Anonymous9/27/2016

    Love this list!


  2. I've been seeing a few people (online) with pretty glitter or stars on their cheekbones and I LOVE it. So whimsical. Great post :)

  3. I absolutely love Pinterest because I get style ideas from it and it never disappoints! Not sure if I have found anything interesting this week, I, however hope that I would by the end of the week x


  4. Pinterest is great, I'm such trying to figure it out totally and find time for it! Not sure I've found anything interesting this week!


  5. Voluspa candles are my favorite! Have you tried "Crane Flower" and "Mokara"? They're really beautiful scents Anthro carries.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

  6. Im also a Pinterest addict but this is a cool feature! Love that star makeup
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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