Sandals In Winter

No socks around here...

We're having a fairly mild autumn at the moment, so much so that you could probably get away with wearing sandals (sans socks, or with if you prefer!) and a floaty dress, as I am here. Even in the cold, there is something that feels nice about doing the exact opposite of A/W dressing, and anti-layering. I realise by blogging standards, this is a pretty 'boring' outfit, but i've been trying to do this thing where I snap pictures of what i'm wearing normally, rather than an outfit that i've put together especially for the blog, and i've been posting these to my instagram due to ease of access and uploading (iPhone & VSCO y'all!). Simple outfits like this are the best because they are so comfortable, so wearable and in a weird way so much more interesting to document as they are more relatable. As of late, i've been a slave to baggy dresses from Monki as they're such good quality and super affordable. I love the way they hang and the fit of their clothes so much so that I have built up quite the collection over summer and autumn.
monki black dress

What I Wore…

Dress - Monki | Sandals - Clarks | Coat - Charity Shop | Backpack - Monki



  1. This looks like such a comfy outfit! Reminds me of a Nigerian Bubu* somewhat. I guess I could pull off sandals in this weather too, but def not for long!

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  2. Beautiful Sade. Gotta love a bit of Monki x

  3. I love sandals but my poor feet would freeze like this! The dress looks awesome on you though <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  4. LOVE the outfit! I wish I was brave enough to go out like this but I look more like an eskimo at the moment in this current weather we're having, haha x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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