Four To Follow #1

Oh Instagram, how do i count the ways in which i love thee… It's safe to say that Instagram has been one of the main catalysts that changed the blogging game forever. People gained a lot more recognition through Instagram which meant that so many amazing lifestyle, fashion, and photography communities have popped up by means of catchy hashtags and themes,  it all feels so different from the blurry iPhone 4 photos with a Valencia filter slapped on it, and it's comforting to see bloggers I started out with absolutely killing it on the gram' and beyond. As it's the first thing I open in the morning and probably the last thing i scroll through before sleeping at night, here is a post on some seriously underrated Instagrammers whom I love for their carefully curated content, incredible photographic skill, relatable style and more. I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do!


Absolutely perfect 'flatlays' that encapsulate the little things in life. Renie's account is filled with warm shots of coffee, flowers and all things beautiful. The consistency in her photographic style fills me with joy and there is just a quiet sense of peace that comes with her still life shots, it makes me want to grab a  hot drink with her and chat about the little things in life that makes one happy.


One of the coolest girls I ever did come across on the 'gram. Pia is an intern at Claudie Pierlot (how dreamy?) and student with the smoothest style. There is something so effortless about how she puts her outfits together and i love the balance between style and practicality.


My Nigerian Sister from another Mister, Ifeoma is killing it with her clean and fresh approach. Her account is filled with crisp whites and sharp black hues. A fellow student and lover of minimal tailoring, she's definitely one to watch! It's been lovely to see her go from strength to strength and i lover her playful personality which shows through her account!


If like me you've pledged to eat more veg and are stuck for simple recipe inspiration, check out veganbysomi. Her recipes seem easy to follow, packed with a colourful and flavourful punch and of course are filled with all things good and healthy.

I'll be trying to share my favourites on Instagram bi-monthly because i think there are so many incredible creative folk who put so much passion into their photography and curation that it's almost a crime that people don't know about them. Tell me your favourite Instagrammers who have a 'smaller' following :)




  1. Lovely, checking all these out!

  2. I definitely spend more time than is healthy on instagram haha. At the moment I'm really loving @themoptop but also your account is one of my favourites! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  3. I definitely spend more time on instagram I should these days, love your picks, I'll definitely check them out but now I'm off to go and stalk Pia to find out where that lovely jumper is from.

    Rosalie | RosalieJayne

  4. Love checking out new blogs and pages! Lol, I'm always pledging to eat more veg
    Mind The Medic

  5. I love thesvnflower's blog. I am not big on instagram, but I do love blogs. Thanks for sharing.



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