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Revisiting items in your wardrobe to style with new pieces is honestly DA BEST. So often I strike gold with an old tee or an old pair of jeans and it gets me super excited to well.. get dressed. More often than not, you can spy me in a loose vintage dress with a pair of leggings and some worn out boots, much like this,  occasionally, when i *actually* wake up before the seventh alarm on my phone goes ding-a-ling, or when i'm feeling somewhat fresh, i make an effort to raid my wardrobe for pieces i love but haven't worn much. This post is the result of said rummaging! I found this very instagram friendly H&M ruffle sleeve top i wore for my 25th last year, and my old trustworthy American Apparel jeans which are now quite literally bursting at the seams due to far too many trips to Nabzy's (sob sob - but bonjour bigger boobies and a squishier butt) and put them together with a new pair of delightful shoes from Ted Baker, and hey presto - A very spring-y outfit, complete with floral embellishment and a pink coat appears.
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ted baker arunn sandals
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Now although I usually dress for comfort (and the american apparel jeans are definitely no longer comfortable to wear), sometimes i go into lazy comfort instead of c'mon sade throw something nice on so your mum will stop saying you'll be single forever comfort, which translated is roughly making an 'effort' kinda comfort, this is my making an effort comfort and it usually revolves around a solid pair of shoes, a good pair of jeans and a nice flow-y top. The embellishment on these Arunn Sandals are enough to make you feel fab on their own, pair it with a midi skirt, a black dress, anything really and they'll most definitely see you through both spring and summer, day or night.

So, this has been my making an effort uniform as of late (as you'll see in my next few posts!), a good pair of jeans, some banging shoes and a beaut top and i'm good to go! What shoes make you on top of the world?

What I Wore…

Top - H&M | Jeans - American Apparel | Shoes* - Ted Baker | Beret - Vintage 

Photos by Domi

*post in collaboration with Ted Baker*


  1. The sleeves of that top are everything to me. Love! And great photos as always :)

  2. Gorgeous. I miss England a great deal sometimes.

  3. This is sooo beautiful. That top is everything. Everything about the post/outfit tbh.

  4. I've been thinking about getting a dressy blouse to take all my jeans-wearing up a notch and you've definitely achieved that with this look. Love the shoes too. My recent fave pair are gucci-style push-ins.

    Still can't believe it's not snow lol

  5. The sleeves on your top are adorable! Love this outfit x

  6. You look amazing Sade! I love the blouse and those shoes are really fantastic. I am loving the weather at the moment and all of these gorgeous blossoms everywhere. I've got so many blossom photos from this past weekend to edit. Such a good time of year! x

  7. Your pictures are soooo dreamy Sade. I absolutely love the baby pink colour of your coat. It's so girly, pretty and chic. Comfortable clothing is the way I like to roll, Shift Dresses, Hi Lo Dresses and Maxi dresses are my fave

    Tuke's Quest

  8. Super love this post as Tuke said your pictures are so dreamy


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