In Defence Of The Mundane.

Boring is Interesting.

I received an e-mail from a blog reader thanking me for sharing haphazard snippets of my life on the blog, and it made my heart sing a little bit. For me, blogging has been a personal and fairly intimate hobby of mine. Very rarely are my blog posts super planned out (unless I’m working with brands), and most of my posts are done sporadically (usually as a form of procrastination), I simply type until I cannot type anymore, so, in essence In My Sunday Best is years upon years of word vomit and photography. 
When I first started blogging around six years ago (yes six years! – feels like a lifetime), there was a robust sense of intimacy and privacy (I realise that anything posted on the web is contradictory of privacy but you get what I mean) and whilst I’m glad to see how blogging has progressed in such a short amount of time and how well respected bloggers are now, I cant help but feel like some of the humdrum fragments of life that was so treasured in the blogging community are being buried amidst a jungle of super polished professional outfit posts (not that there's anything wrong with the latter). Because of how much of a booming business the blogging industry has become, it’s obvious that things would (and should) change. Change is good.  I myself have changed with the times, for example I used to be A LOT more personal on the blog but it's not as feasible now with so many visitors and not knowing who is reading. I still try to somewhat instill a sense of personality in my posts without being overly intimate, in a sense sharing things that weigh on my mind without putting the entirety of my private life all over the web.
The aspirational versus relatable argument will go on forever and in my opinion, what is relatable for others may be aspirational for some and vice versa, some people can easily afford multiple holidays a year and for some readers that may be relatable, but for others it may be aspirational. For me, most of the bloggers I love are both relatable and aspirational, but for me, I don’t mean aspirational in terms of how desirable of a life someone lives, but rather the content of their blog, the quality of their photography and writing, how they balance full time working with a blog and what they do in their day to day life, that is what interests me. This may not interest others and that is a-ok! I have seen a lot of people express doubts in regards to publishing their blog posts / videos / etc. due to them being boring and in defence of the mundane, I think regularity is interesting, there is a rousing sense of relevancy and almost shared camaraderie within them, no battling for who will become the biggest, or who will have the most followers but simply, here is my life etcetera, etcetera. Some bloggers who have incredibly relatable and aspirational content are: Supal, Michelle, Lauren, Lucy, Karina, Ghenet, and Yasumi (I basically want to be them because they are SO cool! and they give me a solid reminder that yes, there is a life outside of social media, numbers and curating the perfect Instagram).

Who are your favourite aspirational and relatable bloggers and why?




  1. Loved reading this, Sade! In the almost eight years that I've blogged, I've found myself getting caught up in the fluctuating trends and seeing my ~content~ run away from me a little. In the past two/three however, I've really been enjoying blogging because it's MY blog, just a place to tap away and word vomit a little after a day of creating perfectly executed words for somebody else! I've always seen In My Sunday Best as a grounded source of inspiration, I always come always feeling encouraged and/or inspired. Oh, and thank you for my mention you kind soul! <3

  2. To me, the mundane is comforting. It breaks the filter of instagram life. A day in the life including a pile of ironing or laundry to get through, random thoughts on the commute - these things will always be relatable to me and speak to me.

    I think my favourite blog for this kind of content at the moment is lornaliterally.com

    Thank you for defending the mundane Sade!


  3. Loved reading this Sade. I completely agree with you, I love reading posts about everyday life as long as they are well written and have done nice pictures. Slot of the bloggers I follow have a lovely conversational tone to their writing. It's better than feeling jealous of a glamorous life, as can often happen with big bloggers these days!
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  4. I can't tell you what it means to me to be in this list Sade. As you know, I've been a huge fan of yours since the early days and I admire you so much. My blog is very open in a lot of ways, especially with domestic abuse, sex etc but I think being open about those things allows me to be selective with my actual private life. The everyday stuff is the most interesting to me on other blogs! x

  5. Anonymous5/07/2017

    That is so beautiful to read! Carry on doing what you do best! :)


  6. I really enjoyed reading this, I love bloggers chatting about mundane things such as going to Tesco's and cleaning. It's real life and what I chat to my friends about. Sometimes an ordinary life is a good life.


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