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I’ve been blogging for almost seven years now and I will maintain that the best thing to come out of me over sharing on the Internet for strangers to read is friendship. From my tumblr days back in 2008 up until my lazy blogging days of late, the friendships I’ve made along the way have had a remarkable impact on my life and indeed my blogging journey. Without some of the pals I’ve made over the years on the Internet, I’d be quite lost, particularly when it comes to the in’s and out’s of the more monetary side of it all. So this post is all about internet pals and how incredible the blogging community can be. Read Supal's post all about friendship and her move to the UK from the US.
When I first started this blog in 2011, it was only intended to be a space for me to over share and add random photos from my life / journaling / managing my mh and other bit’s and bobs. Fast-forward a few years and my blog is still a smorgasbord of unfiltered mess with a few uh… more put together brand collaborations. A lot of said collaborations have been as a result of making friends in the industry and keeping in touch with people via twitter, instagram and e-mail. Two of my biggest blog helpers have been Kristabel and Supal, they have been what I can only describe as my Fairy Blog Mothers, making sure I don’t lose my enthusiasm for picture taking and writing, but as well as helping me professionally, they’ve also been incredibly kind friends messaging and face timing on a bi-weekly basis particularly towards the end of my degree where I began to falter and doubt everything, listening to me complain about this that and the other, and generally just always lending a helpful hand, an ear to listen,  plentiful hugs and girly chatter. Other’s such as Nomali, Lauren, Callie, Kailey, Lix, Laura, Laila, StephYasumi, ChauntelleHelen and so many more keep me inspired on a daily basis by their warmth and kindness, always reaching out if I hit a roadblock, and cheering me on if I’m doing well – it does not go unnoticed.

Making genuine friendships in the blogging community is the way forward, creating content with people you cherish, respect and admire is key. I know a lot of people struggle to make friends as adults, but I can honestly say writing stuff on the internet makes it a lot easier to find like minded people who will happily accept your e-mail invitation for a coffee and not think you are an axe murderer at all aha!

what I wore...

DRESS c/o Sugarhill Boutique | HEELS - Oasis | HAIR - Twist n' Curl

Big love to Yossy and Zahra for helping to shoot this, and to Supal for agreeing to collaborate!



  1. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous women. I enjoyed reading this post especially because I'm a new blogger. It's been an interesting journey.


  2. You both look so beautiful - I'm loving the colourful pattern of these dresses!

    This post made me smile. I love it when people share the love - I'm definitely going to go check the blogs of the people you mentioned, maybe I'll even find new favourites! :) x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. you ladies look fabulous! I agree that blogging is an amazing way to make lasting friendships!

  4. Such beautiful pictures, loving the matching outfits. I love Supal's blog, she's such a nice person. She even gave me pointers one time for taking blog pictures. It's so heartwarming to see that you've made friends through blogging and I hope I make a few too! xx
    Coco Bella Blog 

  5. Most of my friends were made online and I've met tons of them IRL now. I do sometimes wish I could make friends as easily offline so I could hang out with them, especially now I'm living in the middle of nowhere, but the truth is what I really want is to be in the same space as the people I already love, you know?

    You guys look gorgeous by the way, the photos are awesome, and it made me smile that you mentioned me! Thanks for that. <3

  6. Love love this post Sade! The outfits are gorgeous and you both look so happy. I agree with you that one of the best things that has happened to me as well via blogging has to be the amazing amazing people I've met.



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