All That Glitters Is Not Gold...

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Silver is pretty cool too.

I am a Magpie by nature. I love beautiful, shiny, exquisite looking things. I clutch my metaphorical pearls when I come across anything remotely auroral appearing in my favourite stores, my eyes glimmer like two precious pieces of carnelian set in the purest of metals when I spy an aesthetic I admire, my laugh is like the tinkling of adornments clanging together when I find the bedazzled little black dress of dreams. My friends, I am that person. And whilst I hope and believe that I nurture a fairly healthy balance for a love of material goods and the more tangible everyday moments, there are times where I  blinded by gold. By gold, I don't just mean the precious metal, I mean other people's treasures. Going (kinda) full time on the blog means I spend a lot more time reading blogs, liking images on Instagram, watching endless videos on YouTube and pinning all the pins on Pinterest, and after a while, "Oh  etc's holiday to the south of France looks amazing" becomes "Oh.. I wish I could go to the south of France but I can't because of XYZ", and "Etc's wedding was so sweet, bless them!" becomes "Ffs will I ever find love?", you see where I'm going with this right? Comparison truly is the thief of joy.
together by Thomas sabo
I'd like to equate some of our comparison moments with 'fools gold' or Iron Pyrite. Iron Pyrite is a brassy yellow material that is often mistaken for pure gold, particularly during the gold rush of the 19th century. Men scurried across the midwestern states for a chance to make it big and well... strike Gold! Some succeeded and but many failed, what seemed perfect and lovely on the outside was not what it seemed, and in the rush for what they saw was gold they ended up doing themselves a major disservice. Whilst it is very natural to chase or want what others have because we perceive their lives to be more interesting or aspirational, I think the key lies in remembering your own treasure and nurturing that bounty. 
together by Thomas sabo
together by Thomas sabo
Now with a brief history lesson and story time over, I should probably get into the specifics of this ensemble right? Gold is considered to be the most precious metal on earth because of its rarity, but Silver is also a popular and sometimes more understated choice. For those of you like myself who flicker between subtle and more eye-catching pieces, Thomas Sabo are brilliant, they only use quality materials for their pieces which range from 925 sterling silver, 18k gold as well as rose gold plating and zirconia in their jewellery. Another thing I really appreciate is the vast array of styles, from minimalistic and simplistic shapes to the more bold and punchy charm club collections. For someone like me, jewellery was, and always is a big deal in my household, with my mother forever yelling at me to put bigger earrings on when I'm going out.  I've always been more of a silver kind of girl, all of my piercings, (four ears, one nostril, and one septum) are all adorned with sterling silver and my daily jewellery of choice is usually a simple silver ring or two and four plain silver studs in my ears to finish off my look, much like the jewellery worn in these images, which is all from Thomas Sabo. Simple beveled stackable rings, flashes of silver and black on my wrists from charm bracelets and friendship bracelets, and two shining engraved intertwined circles on my chest in the form of a silver necklace from the Together by Thomas Sabo collection. I love how they work as tiny details that one notices only on that second lingering look.
Don't always be fooled by the shiny things... Moral of the story? enjoy the delicacy and subtlety of your silver and when the time is right, enjoy the dizzying beauty of your gold. 

*This post was kindly sponsored by Thomas Sabo but as always, all words and imagery is mine. Photo assistance by the very sweet Zahra.

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  1. You never look anything less than stunning Sade!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Love how you snuck a life lesson into this haha. I've always been more of a gold girl but I like silver too. Love the pieces you featured, they're all gorgeous. And your hair? So pretty! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. You look absolutely phenomenal in these photos, I'm obsessed!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  4. You clearly have a way with words Sade. Love it. And this black dress suits you!
    First heard of Thomas Sabo a a few years ago when it got gifted to a friends, and actually love their jewellery!


  5. I love the moral of the story.


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