For Yossy : 50 Days Of Christmas With Boots [AD]

My sister and I are the best of friends, but contrary to what social media may show, it hasn’t always been that way. Yossy and I used to despise each other. I am 27 and Yossy is 20, the age gap as well as our very different personalities ( I am more no-nonsense like my mum, she is more soft and cuddly like my Dad) meant that our communication was strained until I went off to university to do my undergraduate studies. When I moved back home after my first degree, we found that we simply got along much better than we had before.

Christmas is a time to share generosity and kindness with absolutely everyone we meet, so when Boots asked to work with me on their '50 Days of Christmas' campaign to pick out some christmas gifts for a loved one, I thought what better way to share the love, than with my darling baby sister who remains warm, kind and generous regardless of what the world throws at her. The christmas gifts for her section is jam-packed with products for every type of woman in your life, and with so much choice as well as their three for two offer, well it'd be rude not to pick yourself up something too...
From a young age, I (badly) experimented with makeup - think dark black wonky eyeliner á la Amy Winehouse with concealer lips, at aged 20 it was my signature look. Yossy, I suppose got to 13 and thought to experiment herself with her older sisters makeup and I found her many a day making videos on her laptop showing off her glittery eyelids and glossy lips. Now we both appreciate a nice subtle beat, matte nude lips, a brown smokey eye, some mascara, eyelashes, and a lot less eyeliner. Everyone likes a cheeky pre-Christmas gift and my favourite kind is the advent calendar, whether it’s chocolate, a candle or makeup coming out of it, a surprise a day is always lovely. Because of Yossy’s love of beauty products and experimenting, a few new makeup items were definitely a must in terms of product choices. The Sleek 'Can't Wait Another Day' advent calendar, as well as the Missguided Matte Squad Lipstick Set,  were obvious choices, as well as a cheeky Reeses peanut butter cup lip balm for her which will sit on atop our Christmas tree banishing any ashy lips during the festive period! (sidenote, but that girl is OBSESSED with peanut butter cups!)

Yossy is most definitely the laziest bougie person I know in my life. The girl loves a good fluffy dressing gown, towel on the head, face mask with cucumber on her eyes moment, and I suppose to encourage these little snippets of self-care, especially as she’s in her last year of university and feeling the pressures of adulthood to come,  A solid set of Soap & Glory facemasks for quite literally every occasion was a perfect choice for her. I could literally picture her in her room studying with her facemask on declaring that her grades may not be the best but her skin sure is aha! To finish off the self-care routine is chocolate, but not just any chocolate, Green & Blacks Chocolate Tasting Collection. I'll be honest and say I chose this present to 'share' and by share I mean eat about 80% of it as soon as she opens the box. Yossy has some of the best nails I have ever seen in my life, no word of a lie. The girl is a dab hand at giving herself the most creative nail art and knowing that her nail polish collection isn't quite that interesting at the moment, I thought the No7 Gel Finish Nail Colour Collection would find itself at home quite nicely amongst her manicure kit. 
As a person who loves to write, significance has a special place in my heart, when I choose gifts for someone, I always look for small parts of them in the gifts, be it something small or something large. My thoughtful choice in all this was the Yankee Candle Votive set, a symbol of the light she brings into my life (and also her small obsession with Yankee Candles aha!

On Sundays Yossy and I walk arm in arm around Soho, looking for new coffee shops to perch in, before almost always settling in Soho grind with a black filter and a pastel de nata for me and a matcha latte and salted caramel brownie for her. Always the same order, always at the same time. It has become our Sunday tradition, we sit with warm cups of coffee defrosting our fingertips, lips moving excitedly speaking of what the other is doing in life. For the days where we’re having a coffee or tea at home, Joules twin mugs seemed to be such a sweet touch. Symbolic of the warmth and love we have for each other and the sister chats with facemasks on over a good coffee or tea to come.
Have you begun your Christmas shopping yet? If so, what have you gotten! And for who?

[This blog post was in collaboration with Boots but as always, all words and imagery are my own.]



  1. I haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet, but your detailed post is so cool and I love your pictures

  2. This is such a thoughtful post! Love every item you picked out for me thank you so much, can't wait to come home and use them. Wow, you really do know me x

  3. haha I have two younger brothers, one who is two years younger than me (K) and one who is seven years younger than me (D). K and I fought so much when we were little, but we mellowed out once both of us were in high school, and now we're fine. I've always been protective of D and we've gotten along fine, though he usually prefers gaming with K than hanging out with me these days hahh. Anywho, yes I've definitely gotten a start on my Christmas shopping, and I'm almost done actually! I started visiting holiday markets at the end of November <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. As far as campaigns go, this is the sweetest! I was thinthin the other day, probably watching stories, how "Christmas shopping" isn't a stress in my life. It's not a part of my life like that.

    These are just thoughtful amd lovely picks!


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