Live. Work. Play.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

All Work & No Play Makes Me A Dull Girl…

I've been more absent than i'd have liked to be around these parts. This is for two reasons, one being that I have been working intensely on a very interesting housing project for the final project of my fifth year of architecture and i've been devoting all my time to it. Two, is that because i've been working so hard on Masters projects,  it that i feel a little disillusioned with blogging again, but that's only because i've been so out of the loop with it all. A not-so-vicious cycle of all work and no play makes Sade a dull girl to be quite honest. Hat's off to all the bloggers who manage a full time life outside of blogging whilst posting consistently, it's not easy at all, particularly in my case when my brain is filled with alternative energy sources and affordable housing solutions...

On: Friendships & Being A Better Friend.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

how to be a better friend
I'm an intense person,  and my intensity bowls over into relationships, particularly friendships for me, and I used to live by the 'Ride or Die' mentality, meaning that i'd expect friendships to be literally ride or die, (maybe not die, but sustain a small injury), but as I grow older and meet more people, the more I realise that my thinking may have been wrong, and in a way, the ride or die mentality is quite selfish. Now, bear in mind this is just me writing from the top of my head trying to feel my way around the topic, and of course i welcome discourse in the comments as per usual, as it's always interesting to hear other people's views, but I've come to the realisation that maybe we can become to expectant and in this world of instant gratification, who can really blame us? From trial and a lot of error, i've realised that sometimes I can be a bad friend, and in the past, I have been an awful friend, but it's good that I can admit that, we're all human after all, we make mistakes. We must learn from these mistakes to better ourselves, and one of my goals for this year is to learn how to be a better friend.

The Maxi Shirt Dress - 3 Ways To Wear.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

One Dress, A Multitude of Styling Options…

One thing that student life forces you to be, is resourceful. Most items in my wardrobe are re-mixed a few times a week so I can get wear out of them, spend less money buying new pieces of clothing, and prove that sometimes it's not how much you buy, but rather what you buy, and although I do have my frivolous purchases, for the most part i'll buy (or if i'm working with brands, request) items of clothing that I can wear again and again. This Maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins is no exception to this rule, and when choosing it, I knew exactly how I could wear it in a few different ways and take it from summer through to winter. If like me, you like to get your money's worth out of the items in your wardrobe, here are three easy ways to max out your maxi with varying shoe styling perfect for Spring and Summer! (hehe geddit?).

Liverpool In An Afternoon...

Saturday, 26 March 2016

evolving cities liverpool

A city filled with good food, great coffee and a whole lotta heart...

I'd like to consider myself an adopted Liverpudlian now. I'll save the gushing and outpouring of love that I have for this little city for another day, but it is truly a spectacular place and I'm always finding new places to wine and dine in the city that fits well within my student budget. So, maybe i've twisted your finger a little bit and you're thinking of visiting my wonderful adopted city, what would you do for the afternoon? Well, here my friends, is a wee guide of things you can eat, drink, and do in the city of Scouse, The Beatles and Football…

On: Getting 'It' Together.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

'Productivity, not Procrastination'

Oh, the fine art of getting your shit together… I've said it time and time again, but adulting is strange and often difficult, it's not something I think one can truly master, because I think that life in itself, is a series of tumultuous tests and varying degrees of highs and lows, but i think it's a good thing to try and get in control of your life. I've always been 'somewhat' organised, something i blame on being a finicky Virgo, however I can be extraordinarily lazy, and brush my responsibilities under a pillow and a duvet and sleep through my problems. Since going back into education as a 'mature' student, i've tried to use tips and tricks from working in practice during my year out, to coping with the heavy workload of Part 2.