Tuesday, 7 July 2015



As the saying goes, 'You are what you eat'. I've discovered that true to my mother's word, after you hit a certain age you simply can't eat and drink recklessly without it having some sort of knock on effect on your body, soul and mind. I am here as living proof to testify to her statement. Since beginning my new job, additional money has meant me spending said money on food, all. the. damn. time. Namely KFC's Hot Wings (I'm 99.9% sure they lace them with addictive substances because my addiction is not normal). As you can imagine, living off a diet of junk food has left me lethargic, out of shape, and generally feeling pretty shitty. 


So as you can imagine, when I heard Amy's Kitchen was doing Workshops over summer that encouraged healthy, delicious intuitive eating, i practically levitated down to Hackney to hear (eat) more, and of course, sign up! The concept is pretty cool, you have a sit down Vegetarian and Vegan dinner with a few other people, and then you all have a class together which encourages you to meet new people and pick up a new skill. Sounds awesome right? It was. I was super sweaty and super scared when I first turned up as I went alone (Hooray for not running away in a panic), but everyone was lovely and as soon as the introductions were made, i felt much more at ease. Dinner consisted of a Veggie Lasagna, Broccoli Bake, Courgetti, and an incredible Sweet Potato salad (I most definitely could have swallowed the entire tray it was so damn good!) with lot's of prosecco to get everyone in the mood for flower arranging with Grace & Thorn.


For someone who loves flora and fauna so much, you'd have thought i'd have attempted flower arranging, but my floral expenditure is about a bi-weekly £2 on some of Lidl's finest Tulips and Carnations. I've got to say, if you haven't tried flower arranging please do, it is so incredibly relaxing and soothing. Without sounding like a 90's chic flick, all my troubles and worries seemed to melt away as i thought what to pair my Peonies with. Georgie, who led the class was very helpful and kind, giving little tips as we went along. 

All in all, i'll 100% be doing again in August if i can get another space. If this tickles your fancy, the workshops are running through July until August and tickets are only £10 a pop (here)! There will be cocktail workshops, ceramic painting, natural beauty workshops and of course flower arranging. If you do manage to attend, let me know what you thought!




Thursday, 25 June 2015


It's been a little while hasn't it? I think I fell a little bit out of love with blogging if i'm honest. I think it probably deserves a post on it's own, but long story short, i've decided to go back to basics in terms of content. I loved blogging because it meant i could share absolutely anything with a bunch of super cool, like minded people, but i think i got so caught up in the numbers, 'super blogger' stuff, pr, and stats of it all that i started to resent it a little, and although i've had some great opportunities via the blog in regards to working with brands, I got bored of having to work to deadlines, and things having to look a certain way. Though I am extraordinarily grateful for all of it, i felt like i started to lose my way, and i felt like i was becoming a bit of a robot if i'm honest, so some of you will be glad to know that this space will have a lot less collaborations, and a lot more Vintage Clothing, London finds, Photography, Videography, and just simple things that i love, enjoy and want to share with you! Of course there will be outfit posts too, with some hair-care thrown in and of course a few posts on self-care! How does that sound? I prefer to be transparent with all of you that read my blog, and i hope that you can understand that. I've missed just posting for the sake of posting you know? Without thinking how many people will click this, or leave a comment.

A few weeks ago my favourite Norwegienne came to visit for the weekend, and we had a wonderful day hitting up some quiet places in London. One of them was Kenwood House, which is absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word. The gardens were filled with fragrant, lush, brightly coloured flowers (as seen above!) and the lakes were so lovely and tranquil, i'd highly recommend a visit if you're in the Hampstead Heath area. We ate, (a lot) laughed (even more) and had a wonderful time reminiscing about Architecture, Lincoln, University Life and of course boys (or should i say lack of aha!)

Hope you are all having a lovely week, i'll be back to posting regularly soon! I've bought a new film camera and i'm so excited to show you what i've been up to! The past few weeks have been weird, i've been super sick (Asthma boo!) and a little stressed out from portfolio work and other Architecture related stuff, but everything should clear up by July fingers crossed!



Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hello YouTube!

Do not adjust your screens, yes i really did grab life by her ovaries and i filmed and edited my first ever YouTube video, which I must say was a lot more fun than i expected it to be! iMovie is the bomb dot com! Anyway, here is a video of myself being slightly awkward and not really knowing what to do in front of a camera, so if you've ever wanted to put a voice to the face then here it is!

Before you sigh and say yet another YouTuber?! I solemnly swear to avoid any 'Primark Hauls' or 'What's In My Bag' videos, no shade to those type of video's as I sometimes enjoy them, but other people do them so much better than I would so I thought i would focus my channel on Natural Hair, Architecture, Art, Vintage goodies, and general vlogging (although currently work and university stuff has seriously destroyed my already lacking social life). There is a severe scarcity of Natural Haired Black UK YouTubers (I only know of FusionOfCultures, LizLizLive and Naturalbelle) I thought i'd do a few videos in regards to hair, as mine isn't particularly long, it'll be fairly easy to watch and adapt to the styles i've worn on the blog such as roller set's and twist out's. I'd also like  to document in video form, some things that are a little harder to photograph. So, if you like the sound of that, hit the subscribe button (wherever the hell it is, and leave your links below if you have a channel yourself!).

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend! I'm spending mine working *sob sob* 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Clothes are a funny thing. Monday to Friday you'll most probably see me sporting comfortable trousers, a pair of new balance trainers, and a long jacket or cardigan. But come the weekend and i practically dive head first into my wardrobe and really allow myself the simple pleasure of 'dressing up'. Although I was only going for lunch and a chingwag with Jess (who very kindly took these photos for me), I thought when on earth was the last time i threw some nice clothes on, did my hair nicely and threw on some makeup? Don't get me wrong, dressing up and looking fancy isn't some sort of prerequisite, but i'll be damned if i don't say, it's so so so much fun!

My entire outfit was very much based around my bag, which is stupendously cute if i might add. The shape, the size, how classic it is.. I was very much the heart-as-eyes-emoji when this arrived in the post, and i've taken it upon myself to wear it with every single fancy dress/outfit i've worn since it's arrival. It's love y'all. True love.

In other news, it is really hard balancing blogging whilst working and trying to get university work and portfolio's done. In fact, it is SUPER hard, so although i have a crap load of photos in my camera, i have little to no time to edit them and write up posts so apologies for my weird dippy in-n-out posting as of late! I still do read every single comment, even if i have yet to reply to them all! Give me a month or two and hopefully things will be a little less crazy, and speaking of less crazy… I should probably write an update to my 'Life After University' post, because boy do I have some stories to share!

As always, have a wonderful week, buy yourself some new lipstick, eat some pancakes, and be merry!

What I Wore

Top - Miss Selfridge | Skirt - Vintage | Heels - New Look | Bag* - Marc b | Lipstick - MUA Lip Laquer 'Reckless'


Tuesday, 5 May 2015


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Sometimes in all my excitement, I'll forget i have some snaps on my memory card, and upon finding them i'll sometimes lapse into a little daydream about when they were taken, why etc, etc. I met up with Sherida a few weeks ago for a day of eating pancakes at The Breakfast Club (aka my second home), complaining about boys, intense retail therapy on Brick Lane to make up for complaining about boys, and general girl-power uplifting chats.

"That's the cool thing about blogging, sometimes someone will just send you an e-mail or a text and ask to meet for a coffee, and normally i'd follow my parent's advice about not meeting people on the internet because theres a 99.9% chance that they could possibly be an axe-murderer."

But i'm glad i took the chance with Sherida because she is 100% not an axe-murderer and she runs an incredible personal blog devoted to photography, her thoughts and splashes of colour, and it really reflects the type of person she is in real life, super bright, sunny and warm-spirited, just an awesome person to be with really. And every single time we meet up, we both leave feeling so uplifted and encouraged. Life can be a very lonely place at times, and it's a bit more lonely when you don't have many close friends irl, or a significant other, so i'm glad i've stuck by this little blog (even though i considered deleting it only a few days ago!) if not only for the kind people i'm meeting along the way.




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