Summer In The City. (Plus a Giveaway!)

Mayfair, London, UK

The World Is Your Oyster (Card).

There is an unbearable humidity in the air, iced coffee's are everywhere and trying to navigate through Oxford street at any given time of day is quite literally impossible. This can mean only one thing. Summer In The City. I sat down and realised a few days ago, that gone are the days of having a good solid three to four weeks off at summer to enjoy oneself. This will be the last ever summer I'll probably ever have where I'm *free*, and have quite a good amount of free time to well.. do stuff, and instead of just sitting at my laptop for hours on end, robotically applying for every architectural role that I may find, something is tugging at me to do and be more...


Internet Inti-Mates.

Marylebone, London, UK

"Appreciation & Admiration"

I’ve been blogging for almost seven years now and I will maintain that the best thing to come out of me over sharing on the Internet for strangers to read is friendship. From my tumblr days back in 2008 up until my lazy blogging days of late, the friendships I’ve made along the way have had a remarkable impact on my life and indeed my blogging journey. Without some of the pals I’ve made over the years on the Internet, I’d be quite lost, particularly when it comes to the in’s and out’s of the more monetary side of it all. So this post is all about internet pals and how incredible the blogging community can be. Read Supal's post all about friendship and her move to the UK from the US.


New Beginnings…

Life Comes At You Fast.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade as the famous saying goes, and whether it’s because graduation is looming and my best friend of life is flying in all the way from Chicago just to see me collect my degree, but I am feeling optimistic and full of life. Things have worked out very much differently to how I would have imagined it to be sixth months ago, and things on the Architecture job front have fallen through in Liverpool, but surprisingly, I’m not sad (well anymore that is) because something in my heart is telling me it may be for the best. So I’m moving back to London.


On: Disposability.

"Disposable, incidental, wasteful, throwaway."

[dih-spoh-zuh-buh l] 

1. Designed for or capable of being thrown away after being used orused up:
Disposable plastic spoons; a disposable cigarette lighter.

2. Free for use; available:
Every disposable vehicle was sent.

3. Something disposable after a single use, as a paper cup, plate, or napkin.

My posts as of late have been quite wordy, partly because I don’t have anything better to do until I get a new job, and partly because life has been... tumultuous, and writing my thoughts out feels much healthier than keeping it in. Ironically my last post was on hope and hopelessness and today my friends I am really struggling with the whole hopeful thing. I dislike when the week starts off on a bad note because it makes me feel like the rest of the week will follow the same pattern... But onwards and upwards eh? It gets worse before it gets better as they say. Life is a strange thing and I usually try not to question things in the world, one of the things that grounds me is that there are lots of good things happening in the world as well as the bad, one of my favourite sources for small joys is this place, sounds strange but after being constantly pummelled by bad news, sometimes it's nice to see that there are nice things happening across the globe too. One thing i've wondered on a daily basis, is that does there come a time in adult life where everything just sort of smooth's out into soft curves as opposed to the jagged cracks of uncertainty that are rippling through my young adult years. Since January everything has felt heightened and it feels like i'm toeing the line as it were and having to be so careful with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Cryptic, yes.


On: Hope & Hopelessness.

Marylebone, London, UK

"I see the world in light, I see the world in wonder"

Hello! And welcome to In My Sunday best 4.0! I hope you like the new design and I hope it feels a little more simple and a bit more accesible. I'll be talking about the design in a more detailed post, but for now, let's talk about hope (and the occasional lack of it), it is a Sunday after all.

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