Vulnerability & Bare Legs.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bare Legs, Bare Heart...

I think, judging by the fallen leaves, influx of scarves and gloves in shops, and the reappearance of the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, that Summer is well and truly over, and Autumn is finally here. And with Autumn, comes another academic year. Usually i'm always quite excited for another year of learning, but this is final year, six years of education, working in practice, struggling with MH and so many highs and lows and realising that this is my final hurdle, (minus finding a part two job after i graduate) leaves me with a funny feeling in my tummy. It's hard sometimes because as much as you shouldn't compare your life to other's, I always wonder if i've made the right choice in life. 

Twenty Five.

Monday, 12 September 2016

"I asked her what she wanna be when she twenty five - she turned and looked at me, and she said.. alive.."

I'd be flat out lying if i said that I feel a little wiser, a little smarter, or even a little older. Twenty Five feels exactly the same as eighteen did. Over the past couple of weeks, I panicked and wringed my hands at the thought of hitting twenty five and not throwing a huge party to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, I am exceedingly happy to have made it to this age relatively unscathed, alive, and very much well. There have been times in the past when i thought everything was tumbling down around me and that was it, I wasn't going to make it, but I did, and i'm standing tall to shout my testimony from the rooftops. I made it to twenty five, and I'll be celebrating another twenty five years and more. The pressure surrounding birthdays is immense, especially when it's a milestone one, so instead of subjecting myself to said pressure, I've simply planned a day of doing my favourite things, like eating Korean food, adding another piercing to my mounting list (YOLO *Sings grown woman by Beyonce*), and of course, sipping on a coffee in one of my favourite places.

Playful Dressing

Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Art of Wearing What You Like..

There are so many articles and think pieces that go into great detail in regards to what one should wear for their body type, height, skin tone, political agenda… you name it. For example, I did't wear horizontal stripes for a long time because it had been drilled into my head that horizontal stripes were apparently 'unflattering'. Now that i'm older and a little wiser, I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever the hell you want, as long as you (the most important thing here!) feel comfortable in it! I ummed and ahhh-ed about this beautiful Moddolly smock dress because of it's length and cutesy design. On one hand I thought oh gosh i'm going to be 25 soon, shouldn't I be wearing heels and skirt suits everywhere? And on the other hand I thought Oh-my-gawsh-it's-soooooo-cute-must-have-it. The latter obviously won, and for good reason, the detailing on this dress is out of this world and I received so many compliments from people the first day i debuted it.
Sometimes with blogging it feels like you have to sort of stick to your one style to make it 'work' for you, but i love being able to switch it up from vampy, to cutesy to easy breezy simple with just my mood and I guess that's what I love about style, it's so personal to each and every one of us.

What I Wore…

Dress - Moddolly | Ring - Aliquo | Shoes - Boden | Coat - Boden | Hair - Braided by yours truly!

Here Comes The Sun...

Friday, 26 August 2016

"Hello! Hello! Hello!"

In the word's of Joanne The Scammer, "Honestly… Truly.." I never quite know what to pen when I'm editing outfit posts anymore, I mean I could go down the 'It's hot - So this is what i'm wearing' route, but i guess it's obvious from the glaring sunlight, and the summer dress i'm wearing in this post that its sweltering over here so… Here's a lazy breakdown of my summer so far. Life lately has revolved around working, sleeping and desperately trying to socialise, which is difficult due to much working and sleeping on my part as per usual, but i've reeeeeeally been enjoying London this summer and it's probably clear from my Instgram (@inmysundaybest) that i've become a wee tourist again, snapping anything and everything in my path! There are just so many cute little corners and brilliant brunch places dotted all over the city and I want to explore them all before I pack my load and move back to the North.

Briogeo & Antidote Street VS The Wash n Go'.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Wash n' Go. The words that can fill most natural's with fear. For me, there was a brief golden period post dying my hair a strange orange colour, where the wash n go was my thang. My curls were poppin', defined and moisturised, but somewhere between me cutting off all my hair again and forgetting the quick, easy and painless method i used to get my hair so lush, the wash n go has escaped me and i've not had much luck over the past two years in trying to find the balance between curl definition, shrinkage and that awful crunchiness from products, with very little luck. Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street (which is a veritable treasure trove of all things black hair - seriously check it out, so many American products that are hard to source are stocked there) and all round girl boss (*cue girl crush and heart eyes emoji) sat down with me a few weeks ago over coffee at Timberyard in Soho and we talked all things hair. As I'm currently switching out my hair staples due to my hair getting longer and thicker, and trialling new ways to do things, we decided to collaborate on this post and because of the weather becoming more humid and hot, i thought to throw things back a little and try out the wash n go again, this time armed with products from Briogeo. Focusing on quality, natural ingredients, Briogeo aims to care for all hair types and after seeing so many reviews on the 'Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado & Quinoa Co-Wash' and the 'Curl Charisma Rice Amino & Avocado Leave in Conditioner', I was intrigued.