All A' Flutter...

Monday, 24 October 2016

That H&M Blouse…

This is pretty much an "I bought new things at the same time, so i threw them all on together and hoped for the best" outfit post. From this beaut H&M Blouse that is doing the rounds on instagram due to it's beautiful sleeve and ruffle details, to my new favourite pair of embroidered boots, this is a quintessentially me outfit. It has just the right amount of weirdness, femininity and edginess. One of the reasons why i love blogging, and indeed reading other blogs is that it really encourages individuality in dressing, and its funny to think that six years ago, i'd be so afraid of wearing 'weird' things because of how people might view me. The best thing about this outfit is that it was taken on my twenty fifth birthday, i vaguely remember thinking, "It's my birthday! I'm going to wear my most favourite outfit EVER" and do all my favourite things (which included coffee, cake, gallery hopping and adding to my piercing collection). Looking back on my birthday outfits over the past couple of years, it's wonderful to see how much i've grown confidence wise in terms of style and feeling like i've finally found my style.

The A/W Wardrobe Refresh.

Monday, 17 October 2016

boohoo donating to charity


My wardrobe spilleth over, and I can honestly put my hand up and say that I have far too many pieces. I so wish I could be a super cool minimalist like Jenny Mustard or Ivania Carpio, but i'm far too indecisive and like to chop and change my style far too often. Some days I like to keep things simple, other days i love to go all out on colour, patterns and design, and i most definitely think I dress depending on my mood. Whilst i've written many a post about my purchases from various Charity Shops, and why I shop in them, I rarely talk about donating to them. Every six months or so like clockwork, I pull out every item of clothing from my wardrobe and scan over them, judging them by when the last time i wore said item, if i definitely will wear said item in the future, and if said item would fare better in someone else's arms, and then I usually put about ten to fifteen items aside and my Dad usually takes them to Barnado's. Killing two birds with one stone is definitely my kinda way of getting things done, especially if it's for a good cause. And speaking of good causes, this blog post is about them if you haven't already guessed by the title hehe!

How To Buy Glasses Online.

Monday, 3 October 2016

With my collection of over fifteen - Yes - FIFTEEN! Glasses, I consider myself a glasses connoisseur. I have Cat Eye glasses, Rounded Le Corbusier-esque glasses, and even Squared frames. Of all these frames, I've bought probably all but one of them online, and  the number one reason why I buy my frames online is due to the absolutely huge variety of styles. I've found so many more unique styles online than those that i've seen on the high street. And with that, here's a post on the steps I take in ordering the right pair of glasses online with ease.

Hints & Tips 

  1. Make sure your prescription is up to date: To be able to order your glasses online, you'll obviously need your prescription on hand. Our prescriptions change subtly over time, and many opticians would suggest going for an eye test once a year, just to make sure. I'll be honest and put my hand up and say that I haven't been in about two years - Oops! And i can tell because i'm squinting awfully even with my glasses on sometimes, so don't be like me and go get your eyes checked!
  2. Think of what styles you like, and what styles may fit you: This can be a tricky one, unless you're like me and have a fairly solid idea in regards to what style of glasses you like, it can be overwhelming to decide which and what types of glasses would look great on you. Check out blogs featuring people who wear glasses *cough-me-cough* and see what types of frames they're wearing and also what face shape, skin tone and hair colour they have as these are all things that will affect how your glasses will look on you.
  3. Consider the 'Try Before You Buy Option": Most online eyewear retailers nowadays have the option of trying before you buy, or a home trial (which i've used twice before!), i think it's a very good way of trying a few different frames out in real life and maybe even pairing them with outfits to see how they would work in the long run. 
  4. This or That? Or Maybe Both…: As previously mentioned, I have A LOT of glasses, which means i'm pretty much safe if I'm ever to sit on, step on, or lose a pair, which i have yet to do *touch wood*.. Consider buy one get one free or buy one get one half price offers if you're someone who is prone to clumsiness or losing things often, it may save you a lot of hassle having two pairs now and saving one for emergencies!
  5. Returns, Oh Returns: Always, always, ALWAYS read the returns policy thoroughly, glasses are not an easy thing to exchange or return which is why you should always try and read the small print. Some companies will allow around 30 days for satisfaction, whereas some will not so try to be in the loop so you don't lose your precious pennies!
  6. Check out websites dedicated to Eyes / Eyewear / Lenses & Glasses: This one is probably pretty obvious, but check around, shop around for good deals, find forums, and check out websites dedicated to all things optical, a good place to start is Vision Direct who have a brilliant list of tips and tricks on making the most out of shopping online for glasses.
Buying glasses online needn't be such a chore! Save yourself some time, and pick from a far larger style range and have the opportunity to be able to choose varying lens thicknesses, tints and even different coloured temples for those days where you want to switch it up a little! I've found so many more unique styles online than those that i've seen on the high street. My top tips would be to check around, shop around for good deals, find forums, and check out websites dedicated to all things optical, a good place to start is Vision Direct who have a brilliant list of tips and tricks on making the most out of shopping online for glasses. Glasses shopping will differ depending on your sight, but i hope a few of these tips can be helpful for anyone looking to buy their first pair online.

Hope this has helped all my fellow glasses wearers! 

*This post is in collaboration with Vision Direct, but all wording and imagery has been created / written by myself as always!*


Autumn Blooms

Friday, 30 September 2016

& Some Fluffy Balls & Too…

Has anyone else made note of how absolutely lush the A/W trends are at the moment? From floral embroidery, excessive ruffles and beautiful silky materials. I very rarely go down the trend route, but boy have I had to keep my spending in check because I am very much here and ready for it all, honestly, truly *Joanne The Scammer Voice*. Essentially this blog post is an ode to florals, flowing dresses and as always, chatting about the weather...

Things I Like #1.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Occasionally I will come across things online that are far too cute / perfect / amazing for me not to share, and although I'm a Pinterest addict, i feel like this is probably the best place to share them as  not everyone uses it (You totally should if you aren't yet!), so here is what might be a monthly or even bi-monthly series of things that have piqued my interest, and might pique yours too!