Photo Diary : 24 Hours In Milan.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Milan for me was a mish mash of endless marocchino's, photogenic streets, delicious gelato and a complete and utter sense of awe. If you remember, I mentioned that i'd be travelling through Italy in October for my final year project and what an adventure that was! Travelling has always interested me, but has always scared me because I am a perfectionist and I like to plan things out to the most minute detail, so this for me was a brilliant experience in learning to just go with the flow, it was also a really great way to bond with the fine folk on my course, who i'll be sad to be saying goodbye to in just a few months! Anyway, enough talking, here are the photos from Milan, up next, Genova!

Little Red Dress...

Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Party Ready….

Red: The colour of love, fire, passion, fun, femininity. Red is my favourite colour and my go to if i'm looking for items of clothing that will guarantee me that 'who run da world' feeling, and this Audrina dress from Joanie is no exception. It has just the right amount of sultriness with the slight off the shoulder cut, girliness with the lace detail, and of course christmassy-ness with the beautiful bold shade of red it comes in. I thought i'd have fun with this set of photos and shoot a 'getting ready for a night out' style (with my handy dandy tripod and my remote control) and i've got to say it was so much fun! The lighting in my flat is pretty brilliant and has a lovely warmth to it, so much so that i'm considering shooting most of my outfit posts indoors now as it's so cold out! Brrr!


Monday, 14 November 2016

Colour, Coffee and Cute Clothes!

What could be better than a photo walk around the most instagrammable places in London? Nothing to be quite honest! especially when it's a photo walk with some incredibly well dressed ladies, bouquets of flowers and rose petal latte's. Myself and a few other brilliant bloggers celebrated a very colourful 25 years with Boden a few weeks ago, and I just had to share the photos with you on my blog. The day started with coffee and pastries at Pedlar's World (Which also sells some pretty cool prints and decor related items as well as a great flat white ;) ) and then we were taken on a very informative and super cool photo walk around West London by Xanthe Berkeley. We went to all the blogger hot spots such as St Luke's Mews and learned a lot about Boden as a brand as we went along.

Sandals In Winter

Thursday, 3 November 2016

No socks around here...

We're having a fairly mild autumn at the moment, so much so that you could probably get away with wearing sandals (sans socks, or with if you prefer!) and a floaty dress, as I am here. Even in the cold, there is something that feels nice about doing the exact opposite of A/W dressing, and anti-layering. I realise by blogging standards, this is a pretty 'boring' outfit, but i've been trying to do this thing where I snap pictures of what i'm wearing normally, rather than an outfit that i've put together especially for the blog, and i've been posting these to my instagram due to ease of access and uploading (iPhone & VSCO y'all!). Simple outfits like this are the best because they are so comfortable, so wearable and in a weird way so much more interesting to document as they are more relatable. As of late, i've been a slave to baggy dresses from Monki as they're such good quality and super affordable. I love the way they hang and the fit of their clothes so much so that I have built up quite the collection over summer and autumn.

All A' Flutter...

Monday, 24 October 2016

That H&M Blouse…

This is pretty much an "I bought new things at the same time, so i threw them all on together and hoped for the best" outfit post. From this beaut H&M Blouse that is doing the rounds on instagram due to it's beautiful sleeve and ruffle details, to my new favourite pair of embroidered boots, this is a quintessentially me outfit. It has just the right amount of weirdness, femininity and edginess. One of the reasons why i love blogging, and indeed reading other blogs is that it really encourages individuality in dressing, and its funny to think that six years ago, i'd be so afraid of wearing 'weird' things because of how people might view me. The best thing about this outfit is that it was taken on my twenty fifth birthday, i vaguely remember thinking, "It's my birthday! I'm going to wear my most favourite outfit EVER" and do all my favourite things (which included coffee, cake, gallery hopping and adding to my piercing collection). Looking back on my birthday outfits over the past couple of years, it's wonderful to see how much i've grown confidence wise in terms of style and feeling like i've finally found my style.