Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Special Place.

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Soho has a special place in my heart. I know the West End like the back of my hand from many years of working on Oxford Street, and it's a place I always find myself, particularly when i'm on my own. I know the best hidden alleyways to find small coffee shops where I can grab a Macchiato and a slice of cake, I know which areas are tourist traps and which areas are a little quieter and easier to navigate. In between the sex shops and restaurants, there are some pretty cool places like Soho Grind, which has become super popular as of late which is not surprising as any establishment serving well made Mocha's and have neon signs about holding 'French Lessons' downstairs will always go down a treat.

One of my favourite places in Soho without a doubt has to be Sounds Of The Universe, which is a beautiful little record shop right in the centre. I think the facade of the building itself just makes me so happy, it's such a nice change from all the glass and steel we see in London (Architecture lovers unite!), and the decor of the shop inside is just so beautiful. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area, even if you're not into record collecting, it's a pretty damn cool place.



Monday, 6 April 2015

Nice Things...

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New Look Aquazzura Dupes
My motto for life courtesy of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle is 'TREAT CHO' SELF'. Regardless of if i'm having a great week, or a pretty awful one, I always, always make a little time for myself no matter how much work i need to tick off on my ever expanding to-do list. I find myself drawn to Borough Market every single time I'm near London Bridge, and sometimes i'll even take a little detour just to get my hands on the Macarons and Bratwurst they sell in the Market. Bratwurst does not make for a pretty picture, so instead you'll have to just imagine the delicious sauerkraut-iness and tangy mustardy-ness of it all, but my goodness, if you have yet to make a trip to Borough, please do, your mouth and stomach will thank you for it. Aside from food, I also bought myself a pair of New Look Aquazzura dupes which i LOVE! Firstly because they are super comfortable to walk in, and secondly, just look at them. I'm not particularly a huge shoe lover but i searched the entirety of both Oxford Street stores for them. I mentioned in a past post that I've been reading a lot lately, and this hasn't changed, which is both a blessing and a curse… Penguin released eighty of their little black classics lately, and as soon as I saw them, i hot-footed it to the Waterstones by my office to pick up ten, which i regret a little as now i want the entire set of eighty.. So far I've read 'The Meek One' by Dostoyevsky, and 'Caligula' by Suetonius, both of which i've thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend, also, they're only 80p each?! And last, but not least, of course i had to get myself a bunch of Tulips.

Hope you've all had a smashing bank holiday weekend, and have enjoyed the mini Easter break! I know I have! It's been so nice to have a few days off just to chill out you know?


Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hi hi! I have not one, but three outfits posts for you this beautiful sunny morning! I mentioned previously that I've had a few exciting things up my sleeves, and this is one of them. Miss Selfridge have launched their #AllInTheJeans campaign and asked myself and a few other awesome bloggers to get creative and style a pair of their new jeans in a few different ways. Miss Selfridge were kind enough to invite me to their Oxford St Store to meet with a personal shopper and put together three different looks, and i've got to say that without Preeya and Jennifer's help it would have been a lot more boring, and the styling session helped immensely and two of the tops i'm wearing they actually suggested for me despite my cries of "no no no! it's too sexy!". Onto the jeans, I'm wearing the Sofia ultra soft mid-rise skinnies and I can attest to the comfiness of them. If I can do a squat in them and eat a stack of pancakes without having to unbutton them, then my friends.. I have found a winner!




So, what do you think? Three easy ways to wear one pair of super stylish, simple skinnies! I think my favourite look by far has to be the first one, firstly because i finally got to wear my £1 suede jacket, and secondly because of how good I felt! *cues Ginuwine's 'In Those Jeans'*. Give a girl a pair of jeans her butt looks good in and she can conquer the world! 

As always, have a wonderful week and enjoy the long weekend! I'm planning to go to the Wallace Collection with my lil' sis and partake in a little retail therapy!



Thursday, 26 March 2015


Natural hair in the UK has really taken off in recent years, and this makes me so happy! When i began my transition way back in December of 2009, Natural hair had garnered a lot of attention across the pond in the US, but over here, not so much. Things are very different today, and I love seeing women in all their coiled, curly, kinky glory. I've noticed one thing in regards to the natural hair community online, and that is that Type 4 ladies don't get much love. When i first went natural i expected my hair to cascade down my back in thick, silky ringlets, so you can imagine my horror when it grew outwards in tiny kinks and pencil-width coils that framed my face like a fluffy halo. Things have changed since then and i've learnt a lot about how to care for my hair and loving my texture by watching YouTubers like Naptural85 and Kimmaytube, and by general trial and error, particularly with products. In this post i'll be sharing with you the products that make my type 4 hair, a breeze to style!

1. NXS Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion : I have a soft spot in my hair product collection for UK based lotions and potions, and have been using NXS products since late 2013 when I was introduced to the brand over Twitter. Delphina, the founder strives to create effective products that are at least 87% natural in its composition which is pretty awesome and makes me feel good about what exactly i'm slathering on my hair. Onto the product, for my texture, it's more of a hair milk than a moisturiser in the sense that it's really nice and lightweight so it's perfect for my mid-week refresh and moisturising-sealing routine. Also, i love the smell of this product, it has a very pleasant vanilla scent to it.

2. Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion : If i'm doing any style that requires a soft hold like a roller set, curl former set or even just a braid n' curl, this baby right here is my go to! It keeps my hair smooth, in place, and helps to fight humidity and frizz. Plus it gives me a few days of definition and wear before i throw my hair up into a bun.

3. Tresseme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner : The ultimate staple in my hair-drobe. I've sworn by Tresseme products since I was 16, that's seven years of good hair days thanks to them! I live by their conditioners because they are super affordable, easy to find, work very well and leave my hair smelling like a tropical rainforest. If you've yet to try their conditioners, i'd urge you too! I love them so much that i use them to co-wash and even as a leave in when i wear my hair in a wash n' go.

4. A Spray Bottle of Water : H20 is a natural girls best friend, both internally and externally, and although i rarely get in the recommended 2 litres of water a day, i make sure to vigorously spritz my hair before styling on a daily basis as it makes it more pliable, and it infuses your hair with moisture. I always make sure to seal that moisture in with a light oil like olive or coconut oil.

5. Dark & Lovely Coil Moisturising Soufflé | I picked this up on a whim when i'd run out of my (very pricey) Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and i was hooked ever since. When did Dark & Lovely step up their hair game?! Because this stuff is THE BOMB! It moisturises and leaves my very dry colour treated hair soft and luscious for days! It has become a serious staple in my hair arsenal especially since my local Boots sell it!

6. Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel : I think Ecostyler is among the holy grail natural hair products, more or less every one has tried this or used it at some point in time, and for me it works well for buns and styles where I need my hair laid (and to stay laid!).

7. ORS Edge Control : Another holy grail natural hair product. This keeps even my 4a edges slick and sleek all day. The only con is that sometimes it leaves a weird white residue on my hair but I've found using it along with an oil combats that.

8. Aspall Apple Cider Vinegar : ACV is a product that is highly slept on, it works as an effective yet gentle cleanser, and helps to lay cuticles flat, preventing moisture from escaping. I use Aspall's AVC every now and again when I want clean hair, but don't want the dryness associated with sulphate laden shampoo's.

9. ghd Heat Protect Spray : I'm on a year long 'no-heat' challenge so I won't be straightening or blow drying my hair until January 2016, but when I want straight hair with minimal reversion, I've found ghd's heat protectant works well to eliminate any puffiness or frizziness in the days after.

10. Groovy Food Organic Coconut Oil : Coconut Oil, how I love thee! For the shine it provides my hair alone, makes coconut oil a winner in my books, but it is also one of the few oils that can apparently penetrate the hair shaft. I love how it makes my hair feel and it doesn't weight it down or leave it looking like an oil slick.

I hope this post has helped if you're looking for new hair products to try. I'll be doing another series with the hair tools I use, and maybe a few pictorials about how I do my signature styles. If you're considering ditching the creamy crack, I'd say go for it! I love the versatility of natural hair, and I'm so glad I made the transition.

Have a great week :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Now Dissolve Me.

When I plopped my hat on my head this weekend, my sister exclaimed laughing loudly that I look like a black female version of Harry Styles. Upon googling a few images of said 'Harry Styles', I have to agree that I do indeed look like a black female version of him in these photos. Not that i'm complaining as it seems that half the world's population fancies him so i'll take it as a very good compliment.

The weather is less biting, and flowers are beginning to bloom and all of this makes me happy and excited. Although it's still technically winter, I can almost smell the flowers of Spring, feel the April Showers and think of all the dresses I will wear sans tights, layering is becoming a little tiresome as of late as it isn't cold enough for fancy faux fur anymore, but also not warm enough to not wear a jacket or a thickish jumper. In preparation for Spring, i've been switching up bits and bobs in my wardrobe, starting with my glasses. My newest glasses are a pair of aptly named 'Malcolm' frames from London Retro, and these are very different from my usual style. I almost never opt for black glasses as i think they look quite harsh on my face but i loved the metal rim along this pair and so decided to bite the bullet and go for them, although Glasses Direct does have a free home trial, but i was certain i'd like these and i guess i guessed correctly (see what i did there hehe).

I've also been diggin' the whole big hat thing, although my hair would rather i didn't (My hat hair is awful!). H&M have been giving me life plus a little bit more in regards to their hats and they're very affordable to at a mere £14.99 so go forth and snatch some up in time for spring if you haven't already!


As always have a lovely week :)

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