Wednesday, 16 April 2014


My wardrobe is in serious need of an overhaul. To be honest, I feel like everything needs a bit of an overhaul at the moment, from my hair regime (as it's newly dyed) to my skin care routine. I've been a very good girl and haven't really bought anything for myself since the Christmas sales, but as what i'd call the 'student christmas' approaching (aka student loan is dropping whoop whoop!) i've got my eyes on a few things that i'd gladly endure eating dry toast and noodles for! First thing i've been adding to my virtual shopping are these pair of red sandals from Topshop (1). I love the colour, the style and the height of the heel. Absolutely perfect for the warmer weather and I can wear them with both dresses and some boyfriend jeans. Another Topshop number has made the list in the form of this gorgeous yellow crop shift dress (2), i think a mixture of the colour and the lace detailing makes this dress perfect, I'm praying to the fashion god's that it goes into the sale early so i can grab it asap and wear it with my afro out and pretend i'm Solange. I can't be the only gal who hates wearing bra's?! I find them so uncomfortable and restricting, and if having nip-on wasn't so frowned on i'd be bra-less more often, but until then i've been wearing a lot of triangle bra's and this one from H&M (3) looks fab, sexy and comfortable rolled into one, what can get better than that? I'm aiming to channel my inner Parisian this Spring/Summer and the easiest way to do that is get on the breton style stripes. I love this stripy high neck dress (4) from Bank, it looks easy to throw on and can be layered with a turtleneck and tights in winter, perfect investment wardrobe addition if you ask me! The warmer the weather, the more obnoxious my jewellery choices become, i think i become a little dizzy from the heat and decide more is more! In any case, this Lip necklace (5) from Sour Cherry will make a welcome addition to my already overflowing necklace collection! I have a strong love hate love affair with American Apparel, i love their products but i'm not keen on the prices and the Terry Richardson aesthetic, sometimes i can't tell if they're selling a pair of jeans or a pair of boobs, but that's another story for another day.. anyway, i need these pair of shorts (6) ASAP, need, not want. I've wanted a pair of Swedish Hasbeens ever since I laid eyes on Kristabel styling up a pair perfectly on her blog, but I can't quite keep up with the price tag so these New Look wooden heeled sandals (7) will have to do for now. And lastly, a skincare lust. It's very rare that I dabble with skincare because i'm a strong believer in the better to be safe than sorry motto when it comes to skin, but i've been spending too much time on Helen's blog and now i've been lusting after some of Kielhs ultra facial hydrating overnight masque (8) Sadly my wallet doesn't feel the same way boo!

What are you lusting after?

Sunday, 13 April 2014


I think i'm in the minority of glasses wearers that actually really enjoy wearing them. I always feel complete with a pair of frames gently balancing on the bridge of my nose, in fact I almost feel a little bit naked without them. Cat eye shaped glasses really do have a special place in my heart, the shape of them takes me back to a time of swinging skirts and bluesy Billie Holiday songs, and they just make me feel fancy even if i'm just wearing them to do some reading or computer work.
I had a blast playing with my camera taking these shots, and it feels nice to be playing with my Pentax again. The blog photos Marcos takes are incredible but i've missed the excitement of working behind the camera myself. Now onto the glasses, unfortunately the frames I chose from Firmoo are being phased out, so you can't get them anymore, but these are very similar to the pair I was kindly sent. The frames themselves were fairly cheap in price in comparison to brands you'd find on the high street and they're super lightweight. Plus they applied my prescription to the lenses perfectly! The only downside is that if you want your specs in a hurry, express shipping is a wee bit pricey. But for the most part if like myself, you can't quite afford the Miu Miu you want, this is a great alternative. If you'd like a pair of Firmoo glasses yourself, head to my twitter for a giveaway where you can win one of five gift vouchers towards a free pair of frames!
I went a little bit crazy with the self portraits, but I had so much fun taking these! Oh and you can just about see my new hair colour. Warmer weather always beckons change, and for me, change is always good. Oh and if you're feeling the love for glasses at the moment I have a giveaway to win a super sleek pair of Marc Jacobs shades here!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cat Lady.

I had almost forgotten about this pair of black velvet dungarees until I had a clothing crisis not too long ago. I hate to be a typical brit and harp on about the weather but it's in that awkward stage where it's not quite warm but it's not cold either so i've been layering thin tights with shorts and skirts until we finally see some elusive sunshine! But back to the dungarees. I vaguely remember Summers dungaree explosion and the trends that followed after that and I've noticed a resurgence in twee girly styles. Take the peter pan collar and primary school style shoes that are in every high street shop at the moment, i absolutely love it! I find it so interesting how styles and trends change, when I first started blogging the whole faux tumblr goth thing was in and I found myself hankering for platform boots, studded levi's and neon dip dye weave! Oh how things change!

Oh, I have a giveaway running to win a super sleek pair of Marc Jacobs sunnies, click here to enter. And if you've ever wondered what on earth it is that I actually do at uni, i've begun uploading bit's and bob's from this academic year on my behance portfolio here so check it out!
P.S Good luck to all of you entering Company Magazine's blog awards this year! 

Photos by Marcos Anton

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