Iman Cosmetics BB Crème.

The infamous BB Cream. As a darker skinned woman, I was never able to hop onto the whole BB Cream wagon when it first started rolling. It seemed the darkest shades most brands went up to was 'Sand' or 'Tan', so unfortunately I was left to continue using my Mac Studio Fix Fluid, even during summer (Not a good idea, think sweaty cake face). The weather here in London has been sweltering lately and wearing makeup just seems almost pointless because by 1pm i'm almost certainly sweating it off, but i also want to look 'put together' when i'm going out, so where does that leave me?

Thankfully Iman came to the rescue with their new BB Crème specially formulated for WOC! Yes! Finally a BB Cream that caters to a wide range of darker skin tones! And not just 'Caramel' or 'Mocha'. 

So first things first, what do I love about this product? The fact that it is so moisturising! I have skin like the Sahara Desert, it is constantly dry and dull, but this  BB Crème leaves it feeling moisturized and with a dewy finish meaning I can skip on highlighting. I also really like the fact that it contains SPF15, contrary to popular belief, darker skinned people do (and should) use SPF, meaning my morning makeup process is quicker.

The only things i'd say i didn't really like about the product is that it is mega sheer, I don't know if it's because i've spent most of my makeup wearing life using medium to full coverage bases but at first, i was a little uncomfortable using the product because it didn't quite camouflage my dark circles and hyper-pigmentation, but rather it gave me a sheer glow, allowing for a very natural look. Also, if you are oily skinned, you might not like this one, as i've found using it with a moisturizer has resulted in me once looking sweaty rather than dewy and fresh faced!




  1. hmmm I might have a look at this, as I am a Sweaty Betty rn:( sleek also have a bb cream selection, but there's not as much colour range *sigh*

  2. Thanks for writing this post. I've always been interested in buying Iman products, but the price has never been something that i could afford. But it seems that you've definitely paid for quality !!!


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