"These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things" | GIVEAWAY.

My parents always raised me to be thankful, to be thankful for being alive, to be thankful for my loved ones, you get the picture. Today, I want to thank you all. All of you who continuously read my blog, tweet me, send me e-mails and generally support me. All the wonderful opportunities coming my way couldn't and wouldn't have been possible without you guys. From those of you who have watched my blog grow from it's humble illustrative beginnings to those of you who have recently joined me in continuing this personal style diary. Thank you.

As a way to say thank you, I'm going to be giving away "A Few Of My Favourite Things" for the next couple of weeks. The first item will be none other than the infamous MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. This is my staple red, i've yet to find another red like it, it is simply perfect for me. Hopefully it will be just as perfect for whomever wins it!
 Ruby Woo is a vibrant blue toned red lipstick that looks beautiful on every skintone, from us darker ladies to women of a lighter complexion. It is the ultimate red.

What do you need to do to win? Simple, just be a follower of my blog either via GFC or Bloglovin.
Additional Entries:
  1. Follow me on Twitter here
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  3. Like my Facebook page here
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  5. Tweet about the Giveaway (Remember to @ me!) 
Please set out your entry like so:
  1.  Name:
  2. Bloglovin' Name:
  3. GFC Name:
  4. Contact Email:
  5. Twitter Name:
  6. Instagram Name:
  7. Facebook Name:
  8. Pinterest Name: 
  9. Tweet URL:
 I'll be entering all names into a hat (Old School i know!) So the more entries, the more names your time will be in the hat! This giveaway will end on September 13th! And this giveaway is open Internationally!

Good Luck, and look out for the next giveaway.




  1. First of all, I would just like to say that it's great that you're thankful! I was raised the same way and I would love to be a blessing to others. God bless yo, and more power to your blog ;)

    Name: Louise Ito
    Bloglovin' Name: Louise Ito / http://www.bloglovin.com/louiseito
    GFC Name: Louise Ito
    Contact Email: louiseito@yahoo.com
    Twitter Name: @louiseito
    Instagram Name: aeiwis
    Facebook Name: Louise Ito / http://www.facebook.com/aeiwis
    Pinterest Name: Louise Ito / http://pinterest.com/aeiwis
    Tweet URL:https://twitter.com/louiseito/status/369249117689503745

    Hoping to win. I love reds <3 And I hope you'll find time to visit my inspiration blog here: http://louiseito.wordpress.com

    Thanks! And God bless <3
    Louise x

  2. This is a cute idea! And I've always loved Ruby Woo but somehow never acquired it for myself.

    Name: Ariel
    Bloglovin' Name: couturing
    GFC Name: couturing
    Contact Email: lolariee@aol.com
    Instagram Name: @couturing_ (I did this as the extra entry obv. Love your insta though!)


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  4. Name: Charisse Chikwiri
    Bloglovin'Name: Charisseec
    GFC Name: Charisse AuthenticDuplicate
    Contact email: charissechikwiri@live.com
    Twitter Name: @CharisseeC
    Instagram Name: @CharisseeC

    Great giveaway! I've always wanted to try it!

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  6. You deserve all the opportunities coming your way, Sade.I'd love to win this. Following your blog got my lipstick obsession started (still looking for the perfect blue lipstick.) xo

    Name: Nomali Cele
    Bloglovin' Name: Nomali
    GFC Name: Nomali
    Contact Email: nomali.minenhle@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @NomsZA
    Facebook Name: Nomali Minenhle Cele
    Pinterest Name:Nomsza

  7. Great contest, that shade really suits you! I own Ruby Woo and I love it, I hardly ever wear it though. I need to find an excuse to!

  8. Name: Yasmin Hilliam
    Bloglovin' Name: The Student Wardrobe/Yasmin Hilliam
    GFC Name: Yasmin Hilliam
    Contact Email: info@thestudentwardrobe.com
    Twitter Name: yasminhilliam
    Instagram Name: yasminhilliam
    Facebook Name: Yasmin Hilliam
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/yasminhilliam/status/369468002653069312

    Great giveaway :)
    Yasmin xx
    The Student Wardrobe

  9. Name: Cassandra Ikegbune
    Bloglovin' Name: http://www.bloglovin.com/cassandraikegbune
    Contact Email: Sandyva06@yahoo.com
    Twitter Name: @Cassie_Daves
    Instagram Name: @cassiedaves

  10. Name: Natalie Carvell
    Bloglovin' Name: itsNMC
    GFC Name: Natalie Carvell
    Contact Email: itsnmc@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @itsNMC
    Instagram Name: itsnmc

  11. Thankyou for this giveaway lovely, You deserve all the success sade!

    Name: Rosalie Carvin
    Bloglovin' Name: Rosalie Jayne
    GFC Name: Rosalie Jayne
    Contact Email: rosalie.carvin@googlemail.com
    Twitter Name: @RosalieJayne
    Instagram Name: @RosalieJayne
    Facebook Name: Rosalie Carvin
    Pinterest Name: Rosalie Carvin

  12. Such a lovely giveaway

    Name:Grandy Katega
    Gfc name GrandyXO
    email: grandyk@hotmail.co.uk
    Istagram: @grandykat

  13. lovely giveaway and lovely blog xx
    Name:Hope Cunningham
    GFC Name:hopelondon
    Contact Email:hopestar95@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @sper_o
    Instagram Name:@sper_o

  14. Name: Nila Kussriani
    Bloglovin' Name: lanilaa says
    GFC Name: Nila Kussriani
    Contact Email: nilakussriani@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @putyull
    Instagram Name: lanilaa
    Facebook Name: Nila Kussriani
    Pinterest Name: Nila Kussriani (lanilaa)
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/putyull/status/370712417883279360

  15. Name: Lou Barker
    Bloglovin' Name: Lou Barker xo
    GFC Name: Lou Barker xo
    Contact Email: takeachance__x@hotmail.co.uk
    Twitter Name: loubarkerxo
    Instagram Name: loubarkerxo
    Pinterest Name: loubarkerxo

    That red looks absolutely gorgeous, I've been lusting after it for the past month or so! Thankyou for such a wonderful giveaway!

  16. Hi Sade, it's so generous of you to run this giveaway!
    Name: Nicole Nelson
    Bloglovin' Name: TheLondoNerd
    Contact Email: nayesu@aiol.com
    Twitter Name: TheLondoNerd
    Instagram Name: TheLondoNerd
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/TheLondonerd/status/371278574306615296


  17. Name: Yuen Lim
    Bloglovin' Name: The Craziest Paradigm
    GFC Name: Yuen Lim
    Contact Email: limzhuoyuen.bis@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @yueykabuey
    Instagram Name: N/A
    Facebook Name: N/A
    Pinterest Name: http://pinterest.com/Yueykabuey
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/yueykabuey/status/371991097192349696

  18. Anonymous8/26/2013

    Name: Molly Stelcel
    Bloglovin' Name: mollielike
    Contact Email: mollystelcel@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @mollielike
    Instagram Name: @mollielike
    Facebook Name: Molly Stelcel
    Pinterest Name: mollystelce
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/mollielike/status/372064786491518976

    this is perfect. xo

  19. Ahhh, this giveaway is perfect. I've always wanted the mac ruby woo lipstick.. Fingers crossed!

    Name: Alethia Foster
    Bloglovin' Name: allthingsleaf
    GFC Name: Alethia
    Contact Email: alethiafoster@live.co.ul
    Twitter Name: leaftree_
    Instagram Name: leaftreexo
    Facebook Name: Alethia Foster

  20. Stunning giveaway Sade and that Ruby Woo lipstick is so perfect on you! xx

    Name: Hanna Rose
    Bloglovin' Name: Hanna Rose
    GFC Name: Hanna Rose
    Contact Email: missbeautysaverblog@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @MissBeautySaver
    Instagram Name: hanna_rose_aka_missbeautysaver
    Facebook Name: Hanna Rose
    Pinterest Name: Hanna Rose
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/MissBeautySaver/status/372287532156727296

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  21. Lovely prize!

    Name: Laila Carvalho
    GFC: jesuibelle
    Bloglovin Name: jesuisbelle
    email: carvalholaila70@gmail.com
    twitter: @lailacarvalho6
    Facebook Name: Laila Carvalho
    Instagram Name: @lailacar
    tweet link: https://twitter.com/lailacarvalho6/status/373097666927800320

  22. I love your blog and your attitude, Sade. I really do!
    I've been hankering after this Ruby Woo lipstick for the longest of long times. Fingers and toes crossed!!

    Name: Flora Amies-McCormick
    Bloglovin' Name: Flora Amies
    GFC Name: Flora Amies
    Contact Email: famies@hotmail.co.uk
    Twitter Name: @famies
    Instagram Name:
    Facebook Name: Flora Amies - McCormick
    Pinterest Name: Flora Amies
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/famies/status/373564756512104448



  23. Name: Madeline Murray
    Bloglovin' Name: Madeline (http://www.bloglovin.com/itsamadsmadsworld)
    GFC Name: N/A
    Contact Email: madelinemurray1919@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: m__murr (2 underscores)
    Instagram Name: N/A
    Facebook Name: Madeline Murray
    Pinterest Name: madeline1919 (http://pinterest.com/madeline1919/)
    Tweet URL: https://twitter.com/ItsaMadsWorld/status/373572614205091841

    Great giveaway !

  24. This is such a nice idea! :):)

    1. Name: Hayley Adams
    2.Bloglovin' Name: Hayley Loves
    3.GFC Name: hayley adams
    4.Contact Email: hayleyloves@outlook.com
    5.Twitter Name: @hayleybethadams

    thanks! Xx

  25. Name:Bia Mion
    Bloglovin' Name:Bia MIOn
    GFC Name: Bia Mion
    Contact Email: b.momi@hotmail.com
    Twitter Name:Bia Mion
    Instagram Name: Bia Nion
    Facebook Name: Bia Mion

  26. Name: Ada Strauss
    Bloglovin' Name: thespianxx
    GFC Name: thespianxx
    Contact Email: thespianxx@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @thespianxx
    Instagram Name: --
    Facebook Name: Ada Strauss
    Pinterest Name: --
    Tweet URL: --

    (All links to social media can be found on my blogger for easier access)

    Ada | thespianxx

  27. Name:Lim Zhuo Jun
    Bloglovin' Name:thedessertjournal
    GFC Name: Zhuo Jun Lim
    Contact Email: limzhuojun@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @LimZhuoJun
    Instagram Name: -
    Facebook Name:Jun Lim
    Pinterest Name: Jun
    Tweet URL: -

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  30. hey sade! leaving it a bit late but oh well ahaha great giveaway!:) We're the ones who should be thankful for the awesome blog you run. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY :D

    Name: Rebecca Wang
    Bloglovin' Name: ScatterrBrained
    GFC Name: ScatterrBrained
    Contact Email:rebecca_wang@hotmail.co.uk
    Twitter Name:@scatterrbrained
    Facebook Name: Rebecca Wang


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