"A Latte Please.."

Coffee is good but Coffee with friends is better. Although the whole University experience can be stressful sometimes, nothing makes things brighter than having good friends to laugh with and get you through the sleepy deadlines. On top of being super chilled and wonderful to spend time with, Andrew, Marcos and Raphael also happen to have awesome style. I've always been intrigued by menswear, I find with women it's a bit easier to define our varying styles but with men it's always a bit harder to get it right, but these guys do it very well.
During winter, I become a little obsessive over lighting, so when i found fairylights in pound land, i became a woman on a mission to turn my bedroom into some sort of winter wonderland. I think the fact that i can barely stay awake to do work as my room is so comfy is a testament to my success! As i'm typing this i'm preparing to go back to Studio for an all-nighter... yay :(
Thank you for all your warm words on last Sunday's post. I really appreciate it and your comments, as ever made my day! I think one of the nicest parts of blogging is the connection you can make with people you've never met!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know i've been absent on the outfit front for a bit this week *insert whine about deadlines*, but i'll have a very blue post up on tuesday!


  1. Anonymous11/24/2013

    This sounds like a perfect day! Gorgeous photos xo

  2. Coffee with friends is defo better! :) Also, fairy lights are the way forward - I used to have some for uni and it made my student flat just that little bit more home-ly :)
    Saadiya xx


  3. Anonymous11/25/2013

    Oh my gosh I'm obsessed with fairy lights too - pound land you say?! Must check out my local one! XX

  4. Seeing photos like these make me miss my college days... sitting around, discussing projects with classmates. The good ol' days!


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