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Saturday, 4 January 2014

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As a new year begins, so does the desire to re-invent oneself, or at least embrace change. For me, fashion wise this year I feel like i'll be more swayed towards investment pieces rather than one off's, simply because I feel like my wardrobe at this moment in time, just isn't up to par. I have a horrible habit of buying lot's of items that i'll wear once or twice before disposing of them, all because the cheaper price tags. This year, I plan to spend wisely.
Earthy muted tones have been constantly on my mind lately, whether it's a camel coat, or beautiful photography of plants, i've been enjoying softer colours.


  1. I have to agree with you Sade. In my wardrobe everything is a bit miss match and this year I really want to save my money and get into the habit of having money always available so I can buy key pieces for my wardrobe and not just the odd top from primark. I love this mood board and all the colour, the brown and the yellow and the picture with the women with oranges, everything goes together so well.

    Rianna xx

  2. Love this mood board. I really need to do the same as you and stop buying lots of clothes I'll only wear once!

  3. Gorgeous! I've resolved to buy fewer blue items this year- it's like an addiction! Those shades of yellow and turquoise would be gorgeous with your skin tone. x

  4. I love these tones, especially the yellow
    I need to buy more quality staple pieces x

  5. Oooh I've been feeling earth tones for a while as well. Zara's my go-to for statement pieces like their structured coats; their prices usually help stop my splurging... usually lol

    The Chaotic Dreamer | Personal Blog

  6. Amazing moodboard, you've made me miss making them

    Ruth x

  7. Yes yes and thrice yes. I really like this moodboard - 'earthy' sounds like the most sensible and edifying theme ever. I agree with you - this year I'll only be buying quality pieces of clothing and homeware - buy once and buy well!


  8. I just found your blog:) It is very interesting and cute: ) Today on my blog, pajamas trend! Original look; pink coat and pajamas short. Do you love wearing pajamas during the day? I greet:)

  9. Just found you blog and really liking it! Totally following you!

    Lily xo

  10. This mood board is beautiful and that wardrobe idea is so good x

  11. uh yes yes yes to all of this, i will be a woodland neutral FOREVERS, maybe because im a fall baby, not really sure! anyways, loving your blog! got yourself a new follower :D


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