Pattern Coffee.

You can get a good cup of Coffee almost anywhere in London now, for we are a city that prides itself on efficiency, awkwardness, rain and exceptional hot beverages. But, what you can't always get is good service or a relaxed atmosphere. I like my coffee shops airy, quirky and peaceful which is hard to find in Central London, so it's always a pleasure to find a place that ticks all of those boxes and more. I've seriously been slacking on my indie-coffee-shop-love and I'm loathe to say that due to where I now work (Canary Wharf), I've been a slave to chains rather than independent shops which is where I'd prefer my pennies to go. But today I've got a new coffee-love post, and if you'd like to see my previous one, it's here.
I've been going to Pattern since September last year as I was working on Caledonian road, but only recently summed up the ovaries to ask the very kind owner, if I could take photos of the interior with her permission. Most of the drinks are Espresso based and on my last visit I opted for not one, but two flat white's, as the first one was so good that I had to have another. It was a  perfect blend of bitterness with just a hint of creaminess from the milk, just the way I like my flat white's. I've also had an almond milk mocha on one of my previous visits which was just as well made.
Décor is my favourite to admire in most places, and the little old lady in me simply cannot, and will not get down with a few of the clinical looking black and white minimalist themed shops that line East London. I never quite get that comfortable feeling that I love in more cosily designed shops. Give me mismatched sofa's, pop's of colour via accessories and some old books and I'll be there from dawn till dusk. As you can see by my stealthily taken photo's that Pattern do really well in that department, and the comfortable-ness of the shop coupled with the very sweet staff and the well made drinks will make you feel quite at home. If you're ever in the Kings Cross area and are looking for something a bit better than the regular Starbucks or Pret, then I'd highly recommend a visit.

82 Caledonian Road
N1 9DN



  1. Mismatched furniture is also a favourite of mine as it adds character. This places looks great and definitely somewhere I would take the time to visit :) X


    1. You definitely should! The owner is a sweetheart and the coffee is awesome :) xx

  2. This looks great! What I dislike about large chains, especially in Central London is that it's filled with hurrying businessmen running late for work. It's nice that you found such a relaxed place! I go to university in the Kings Cross area so I'll definitely make it my mission to head here sometime soon - lovely post :)


    1. Aw glad to hear it! And I agree, I hate the morning rush for coffee at chains, although the one chain I do really like for their coffee and service is Prét A Manger :)


  3. I wish we had more of these in Nigeria. Lovely photos as usual.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. I'm not a coffee lover but the decor is gorgeous. Beautiful photos Sade x

  5. What lovely interiors! I'll definitely be trying to pop by here when I'm home for Christmas!


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