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Feeling Spectacular….

I'd like to think that a good part of my image is centred around my love of eye-catching frames (see what i did there!). And although i'm not always wearing them in my blog posts, on a daily basis you'll be sure to see my sleepy face framed by one colourful pair or another (i practically have an eye-wardrobe at this point), so for me it's important to keep things fresh considering i wear my glasses so often, especially if i'm working in studio. My latest acquisitions are the 'Nancy' Glasses* by London Retro, an eyewear brand i can truly put my heart on my sleeve and say i really, really love, the styles are, well retro inspired and it fits in perfectly with my aesthetic, vintage looking, slightly kitschy, and maybe a little colourful. I've actually previously blogged about two of their other frames, the infamous Fitzrovia glasses, and the classic Malcolm glasses, inspired by the man himself.

I chose these frames because they're a little thicker than my fail safe Fitzrovia's, and i loved the multicoloured flecks that run through the frames, tres stylish, and it means it matches more or less every single outfit i could ever have planned for it. Also a cute boy complimented me on my glasses the first day i wore them, so there's that!
london retro nancy
Can you tell how much fun i had taking these photos? Turns out using a remote, tripod and self timer on my balcony worked out pretty well, which means i can take more photos myself, which in turn means more posts, hooray! (Sidenote: I almost fell off the ledge, trying to take artsy pinteresty style photos haha! The things you do for photos..) That aside over, if you feel like trying before buying, Glasses Direct do a Free Home Trial. So my fellow eyesight impaired friends, what say you? Glasses or Contact lenses? I'm personally a glasses girl through and through because i'm awfully squeamish, and i feel like glasses balance out my face more!



  1. Gorgeous shots Sade and I love the fit of these specs on you <3 xxx


  2. The glasses are great and so is that shirt! Where is it from?

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Your photos keep getting better and better.

  4. I feel like cat eye glasses have become your signature.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  6. I've been about Glasses Diret for the last 4 years; very affordable and good quality! Reading this post has reminded me to book my well overdue eye appointment....thanks!

    love your blouse btw!


  7. Really gorgeous Sade. Those glasses suit you so well x

  8. Lol but the things we do for photos tho. Thank God you didn't fall. These are really good picture. Welldone Sade.


  9. Love the glasses, I am also a bit scared to go for contacts but I guess I will try before I buy aha

    Loved the shirt aswell x


  10. You photos are really stunning so really well done for doing them alone - credit to you! I think you look stunning in these glasses and it's so good to see that there is such a good range out there now! I used to wish I could wear glasses because they are all so pretty! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  11. I don't wear glasses but I have a bunch of sunglasses that I can't live without. The ones you're wearing are great!


  12. HI! I LOVEE YOU SO MUCH! your'e such a creative person and I genuinely enjoy your'e sense of style and the way you write. lol just wanted to tell you that tee-hee I'm a big fan! I'm 17 and I'll be graduating in 2016. I'm hoping to go into Architecture too, like environmental and design for sustainability. I was wondering if you could sorta do a post on college life as an Architecture major and why you wanted to do it and stuff. I love you. Oh, and I started blogging too. Hope you can stop by and check out my posts at :http://midnightburnout.weebly.com/

  13. Anonymous11/06/2015

    I could not tell this was all tripod work! Love the new glasses - I really should replace the ones I have from when I was 14 with a pair from London Retro!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com


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