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As I'm buying more for quality, rather than quantity nowadays and filling my wardrobe with items that i can wear everyday, there is a need to keep said items in tip top condition to lengthen their life. From beautiful wool coats, to knitted scarves and cosy jumpers, my winter wardrobe has been truly worn out from their cyclical use over the past few months, and with the UK bracing itself for a cold snap, it was definitely time for me to get my clothes into gear and banish those annoying little balls of fluff and hair that somehow make their way onto every piece of clothing you own.

George at Adsa asked me if i'd liked to join their knitwear care club, and how could i refuse when it's common knowledge that i am indeed 24 going on 80 (i joke! Looking after your clothing is cool guys!). They were kind enough to send me three items from their very affordable knitwear range, along with a little kit to keep everything bobble, lint and moth free, as adorable and fluffy as (some) moths are, i can't lie that it drives me absolutely crazy to pull out a jumper from my wardrobe only to find a round hole from where some naughty moth has been nibbling away at it.

Here are a few of my tips…

1.) Dry Clean When Possible : I have ruined and i mean ruined (i.e completely shredding a vintage shearling coat) because of my laziness in regards to dry cleaning and throwing everything possible into the washing machine on the hand wash setting. I've learned the hard way to just fork out the little bit more and take my expensive investment pieces straight to my local dry cleaners to have cleaned.

2.) Lint & Bobble Removers = Brand New Clothes : Lint rollers changed my life guys. I am a magnet for fluff and dust on my clothes and i hate it! So i have a collection of lint rollers in my wardrobe ready for any fluff emergencies, the bobble remover has also changed the game because prior to receiving it, i was shaving (yes shaving) the bobbly bit's from my coats with cheap disposable razors from poundland *whispers please don't judge me*. If you don't have a revolutionary bobble remover like myself, try the shaving method. It works.

3.) Avoid Tumble Drying When Possible : Much like learning my lesson in regards to dry cleaning expensive items, my experience with dry cleaning certain items like jeans has been awful. All i'll say is £70 American Apparel jeans, rest in size smaller peace...

What are your top tips for long life clothing? I once heard an old wives tale about not washing your jeans too much so that they last longer, unfortunately for me i am a sucker for the smell of fresh washing which means my black jeans almost always fade within a few weeks of me buying them as i wash them after every wear *buries head in the sand*


  1. Wah! I feel your pain with your AA jeans. I used to chuck everything into the tumble-dryer until my favourite jeans shrunk :( I now make sure to check every single label as a lot of garments are not suitable for tumble-dryers X


  2. Such lovely pieces!

    I live and swear by mothballs--nothing is worse than finding out your favorite sweater has been eaten by a wannabe butterfly. So mothballs definitely fix that for me.

    Katie | katielikeme.com

  3. I heard that you're not meant to wash your jeans for the first 6 months of wearing them, which may work but is 100% gross, so there ya go. Never knew about the shaver tip, although my absent mindedness would probably wreck the garment and end up with me in A&E! x Rebecca - itscohen.co.uk

  4. I try not to wash my jeans too often, probably every two weeks and the I wash them inside out which preserves the colour a little bit!


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