On: Galentine's

A real life "Girl-Mance"

I'm beginning a series of blog posts called "On:…" which will be filed under my "Life" tag for future reference. This will be a series of musings about life filled with little snippets of happiness, fear, tears and love. You've probably noticed that I slowed down on the more personal posts over the past two years, this was due to two main reasons, 1.) I probably have the most uneventful life as a blogger, i'm generally at uni from 08:30 in the morning until about 19:00 at night leaving very little time to do much apart from eat, sleep and read and 2.) I have a fear of over-sharing. Like a true Virgo, i like to listen and not talk much, but a blog is more of less the contents of my head and my heart portrayed through words and photography, and as it's a personal blog i think it's sometimes important to speak what's on one's mind, as long as it can be done in a way that i feel comfortable with. The internet is forever as someone once said.. However I did say that i'd be tackling the topic of love in all it's forms for February, so here's something on girlfriends and galentine's.
The glittering strings drawing girls around the world together is something to behold. I was always one of those very silly and very naïve girls who though that all girls were ‘bitchy’ and that ‘guys made better friends’, I’ve hit my mid twenties and in a few months I’ll be twenty-five, cementing a period of true teenage hood to awkward semi-adulthood transition, and one thing I’ve learnt over the course of ten or so years, is that there is nothing, and I mean nothing like the bond that women have with each other. I’ve got to give a shout out to the Internet for allowing me to meet and bond with so many different women all around the globe that I’ve connected with. From inboxes filled with gleeful comments like “Your makeup looks so good!” and “I hope you have a great day”,  to girl’s supporting each other through kind retweets on twitter and sweet messages on instagram, it’ s a beautiful sight to behold and we need more of it!
One unexpected friendship, that I managed to wrangle out of blogging, and it was that of Sherida and I. We quite literally started from e-mails and now we're here, and I’m so delighted to say that she's become more of a sister than a friend to me. I feel like a forgetful boyfriend in the sense that I literally cannot remember the first time we met, as we’ve had so many hilarious milestones in our friendships, and we’ve laughed, cried (over boys as per usual), and we’ve cringed and told each other off for selling ourselves short, (this happens on a monthly basis). I've never quite met someone that I’m not related to that I’ve felt so inexplicably comfortable with; we can talk about literally anything and will talk for hours on end, discussing things that we haven’t been able to discuss with others yet. We understand each other, and converse on things like growing up black in areas that were non-black, to dating as Christians (and it’s many struggles), there is not a stone we've left untouched and it's so nice to be so open, carefree and honest. It’s also nice to feel completely at ease, I’m quiet and reserved and Sherida is bright and bubbly so together we bring out the best in each other and to be honest I love her to the moon and back, she’s just such a good egg.

♡ Tell me what you about your girlfriends, and let’s celebrate Galentines day and girl-love together!


  1. Ah this really is so lovely to hear. My best friend feels like my soul sister too. She just gets me - one of the only people who I can completely be myself around and who has just as many quirks. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.
    A Story of a Girl

  2. So cute! :) Happy Galentines day! Love your hair btw! xo

  3. Love this post! The wonderful photos of you ladies really show how much you support each other. <3

  4. This is such a sweet post, you both look beautiful.
    I only have a handful of real girlfriends but they're amazing and they make my life so much better.xx

  5. I knew there was a reason why I had such a finity with you...I am a fellow virgonian (but the loud version)#totallymadethatup. It's why I luuurve your simple style & always envious from your bargain finds to classic investment pieces. Keep up the good work, you are certainly keeping me entertained. So Thank You xxx

  6. I love this. I'm celebrating Palentine's day this weekend, my with single pals, both male and female! Happy Galentine's day.

    Lisa Loves | thegratitudeblog.org

  7. Awww this is a lovely post Sade. You both look gorgeous x

  8. Such a long awaited collab. I love you guys both so much! <3

    Rabecca | http://www.midnightburnout.com/

  9. Awww, curl friends.

    My closest girlfriends are practically family to me. I love that no matter how little we speak sometimes, when we do, it's full of excitement and sharing each other.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  10. That's a good idea.I like that!

  11. Really nice post, Sade. I love these photos of you and Sherida.

    There really is nothing like the bond between women- as girlfriends, sisters, it's amazing, and I am ever grateful for it.

    Your post title- Galentines, makes me remember one unfortunate Valentine's day in uni. In a group of 6 girlfriends, 4 of us were down and out for one thing or another (boy-related). One of us (bless her), rallied us all not to waste the night and just lie there in sadness. She made us get up, and go clubbing on a Sunday night (the next day we had class). It ended up being a truly memorable night. We ended it in laughs, singing a Valentine song we had just made up as we marched to bed. "Will you be my Valentine? Oh, I will be your Valentine oh!" I would not trade my girlies for anything in the world. <3

  12. lovely post Sade! I follow Sherida's blog too and she's an talented lady like yourself! Happy Galentines! - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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