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All Work & No Play Makes Me A Dull Girl…

I've been more absent than i'd have liked to be around these parts. This is for two reasons, one being that I have been working intensely on a very interesting housing project for the final project of my fifth year of architecture and i've been devoting all my time to it. Two, is that because i've been working so hard on Masters projects,  it that i feel a little disillusioned with blogging again, but that's only because i've been so out of the loop with it all. A not-so-vicious cycle of all work and no play makes Sade a dull girl to be quite honest. Hat's off to all the bloggers who manage a full time life outside of blogging whilst posting consistently, it's not easy at all, particularly in my case when my brain is filled with alternative energy sources and affordable housing solutions...

Life has been very much all work and no play as of late, but in a weird masochistic way, I quite enjoy the stress of it all, or at least overcoming said stress with a good final outcome, and I've been quite pleased with the growth of my projects lately which is always a great thing! So instead of doing the axonometric section I had planned on doing this morning, instead, I am going to blog, because i've missed sharing photos of nice things with nice people on the internet. These are from back in March, when I went back to London for Easter and my little sisters eighteenth birthday party. Yossy (my sister) and I spent most of the little time we had together eating our way through London and it's surroundings and laughing to the most ridiculous videos we could find on Vine, and I miss hanging with her so much! She's my little shadow, as I affectionately call her. 
So whilst my head has been swimming with environmental and sustainability solutions, I'm very much looking forward to wrapping all this work up and getting back to having fun in the sunshine with my loved ones. Hope you're all well, and enjoying the teeny bit of sunshine that spring has brought with her arrival, I know I am.

What I Wore…

Jumpsuit - East End Thrift Store | Hat - H&M | Coat - Cancer Research UK | Loafers* - Dorothy Perkins



  1. This look is so fantastic!

    Katie | Katie Like Me

  2. You are so cute. I want to steal your wardrobe! Well the close in it lol :)

  3. Good luck on your final project girl - I have no doubt that you'll smash it x


  4. You look amazing in hats, and amazing, always, the end. xx

  5. This jumpsuit is LIFE!

  6. You're dreamy. <3

  7. This look is so cool!! I love the outfit on you :)

  8. You look gorgeous Sade! Good luck with your project <3 x

  9. I can relate to this. School has been keeping me super busy. Lovely outfit though ❤️.

  10. You remind me of Naomi Campbell in the two last pictures of you! Stunning! Also love your outfit, as usual, although I don't think I've ever commented before. :) Good luck with your work on alternative energy and affordable housing!

  11. I'm so glad to come across a young architect, I just wish I had an architect friend who we could just speak about architecture all day, I LOVE LOVE everything to do with architecture, it encompasses everything in life from maths to poetry.

    I read your latest blog post on what you learned from doing a Master's Degree and I must stay you are crazy ambitious and I'm sure you'll say workaholic too, but it's all inspiring. Congratulations on graduating!

    Oh my gosh, your photographs too, they're so tastefully done. Who takes your photos?

    Anyhoos, I'm subscribing!


  12. You total babe! This outfit is perfection, your hair and that hat look amazing together!


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