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Friday, 26 August 2016

"Hello! Hello! Hello!"

In the word's of Joanne The Scammer, "Honestly… Truly.." I never quite know what to pen when I'm editing outfit posts anymore, I mean I could go down the 'It's hot - So this is what i'm wearing' route, but i guess it's obvious from the glaring sunlight, and the summer dress i'm wearing in this post that its sweltering over here so… Here's a lazy breakdown of my summer so far. Life lately has revolved around working, sleeping and desperately trying to socialise, which is difficult due to much working and sleeping on my part as per usual, but i've reeeeeeally been enjoying London this summer and it's probably clear from my Instgram (@inmysundaybest) that i've become a wee tourist again, snapping anything and everything in my path! There are just so many cute little corners and brilliant brunch places dotted all over the city and I want to explore them all before I pack my load and move back to the North.
Speaking of explore, i'm off to Genova, Venice and Milan in October for my penultimate project - How EXCITING! I'm so happy we get to explore Italy and catch the Biennale before it's over. Expect an excessive amount of instagram posts and blog photo diaries once that happens! I've been ooooh-ing and ahhh-ing over Helen's Venice travel diaries and the thought of Gelato in the sun is making these last three or four weeks at work fly by.

Anyway, enough about me, more on you. How is your summer so far?

What I Wore…

Dress (similar here) - Oasis | Bag* - Boden | Sandals - New Look | Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs




  1. Anonymous8/26/2016

    nice outfit, ur makeup n sandals nicely compliments ur cuteness....GBENGA

  2. Love the dress. Simple and Chic. And the belt on there sits perfectly.
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  3. So simple, yet so elegant.

  4. Totally love this look.

  5. such a baaaabe <3 love this dress!

  6. The dress is so pretty and I like how casual chic the sandals are. And ooooooooh at your impending travels! SO much fun to be had!

    My summer's been pretty nice and I'm almost sad it's coming to an end.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  7. Stunning Sade! Your trip sounds very exciting, would love to see Milan! x

  8. Love your dress Sade! Joanne the scammer is bae lol. Can't wait to see pictures from your upcoming trips, enjoy! xx

  9. I think London would be a wonderful place to spend the summer, hot and cool and loads going on. In your first photo I thought you'd had your hair all chopped off! You suit it all off your face
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  10. I love that dress, so simple yet very stylish. Fabulous leopard print bag too!

    Emma xxx

  11. My Summer was Great, sad we weren't able to meet up when I was in London.
    Hopefully it'll be possible next time I'm around, all the posts you've been putting up on Instagram are soooo picturesque, London is actually really beautiful.
    Love the fact that you get to explore Italy, I really dislike the fact that I didn't explore Europe when I was a Student in England. Oh well, I know my time to explore is coming :)
    I ate out a lot while in the UK this summer and I've put up a number of the food posts and restaurant reviews on my Blog, you should check them out :D

  12. So simple but elegant.

  13. I adore your style! This outfit is gorgeous on you, the dress is nice and I loove those shoes.
    You have such a gorgeous blog, I'm obsessed! I'd love if we can follow each other maybe? Do let me know!
    Have a good weekend. xo

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies


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