Vulnerability & Bare Legs.

Bare Legs, Bare Heart...

I think, judging by the fallen leaves, influx of scarves and gloves in shops, and the reappearance of the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, that Summer is well and truly over, and Autumn is finally here. And with Autumn, comes another academic year. Usually i'm always quite excited for another year of learning, but this is final year, six years of education, working in practice, struggling with MH and so many highs and lows and realising that this is my final hurdle, (minus finding a part two job after i graduate) leaves me with a funny feeling in my tummy. It's hard sometimes because as much as you shouldn't compare your life to other's, I always wonder if i've made the right choice in life. 

I think you hit your mid twenties and your mind automatically zooms to your thirties and then your forties and you begin to panic and think oh crap i have no more time left and wonder if your best years are behind you. Don't get me wrong, i'm proud of where I am in life and how dedicated I am to a career path that isn't particularly inclusive of women, let alone a woman of colour, and i'm determined to break down barriers and become a successful black female architect, but on the flip side I also see my friends settling down, getting married and having children and i wonder if by the time I get to that stage in life, everything will be too late and whatever if you catch my drift. Essentially, i'm worrying about things i don't need to be worrying about if that makes sense.

So, this is a post about vulnerability and laying things bare. Also, a nod to the last of the bare leg days and nights and slowly pulling out the fluffy sixty denier tights and ankle boots. It's good to be vulnerable sometimes. So, tell me what's on your mind, what scares you? (Even if i'm short on time to reply, please know that I do read every single comment on here!)

What I Wore…

Shirt Dress* - Boden | Sandals - Clarks | Earrings - H&M | Jacket - Topshop | Bag - Oasis



  1. Being in my late twenties, I must confess that worrying seems to be my middle name these days. I wonder if I'm where I need to be in my career, financially I don't have to wonder, I know I'm not...I wonder if I'll ever have a family of my own considering I'm not even in a relationship...I pretty much worry about everything.

    I wish I could tell you not to worry and you'll be fine but I know I can't stop you from worrying. Truth is, it will work out for good for you. Been following your blog and I think you're on your way to a great place, keep at it :)

    Congrats on Getting to the final phase. Apologies for the mini post.

  2. WOW Sade that dress is SO gorgeous! I love the unusual shape and colourway of the stripes! xo

  3. Do not let what others are doing faze you, your walking your own path and there's still plenty time to settle down if you want to. I forged my career first and only now at 32 am I starting to settle down. Enjoy your 20's and don't stress. Love the dress btw
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous dress! You look beaut xx

  5. Love your honesty Sade. I get how you feel, sometimes I feel like life is just passing me by. But everything will be fine. Anyways,I love your dress and I'm really looking forward to Fall. Wishing you all the luck in the world as you start your final year! xx


  6. I definitely feel you on this Sade, I'm 26 now and I graduated in July 2014 and sometimes I feel unsure about my future or whether I've made the right choices, like you mentioned, but it's good to stay dedicated to your passions and it sounds like you're enjoying what you're doing, so I'm glad to hear it! All the best for your final year as well, mine was great, as it was good fun to finally graduate and finish off all my projects, but it was bittersweet too as it was the end of studying and then the future was looming, but it sounds like you've got it down :) Love your outfit here, you look lovely and that leather jacket is perfect for this time of year! - Tasha

  7. You look beautiful, Sade! (I really do want those shoes in my life). You are not alone. I worry about time so much. All the time. Pretty sure you will kiss yourself 10 years from now t=for the good decisions you made.

  8. Sade I always love your posts. You look beautiful. I think so many people worry but just don't actually say so we feel like we're alone with these panicked feelings. You're pushing forward for what want you want and things will fall into place. I'll be 26 soon I definitely feel like I don't have my ish together but I was convinced a few years ago I'd have everything 'sorted' (career, marriage, kids etc). Life just doesn't work like that especially for our generation and I'm finally okay with that x

  9. Ugh, I feel you so much, Sade!
    I just graduated in July with my master's and am currently so confused about what to do with my life. I just wish I knew where to begin. Im currently on a gap year of sorts in Canada, which has been amazing so far, but I'm already stressed about what I'll do once I'm back in the UK!

  10. Gosh, I'm unashamededly hooked on your blog. Lolz
    I just clocked 24 and that day, I woke up with the realization that i'm getting old! And i started thinking just like you. Have I done everything I need to do? Have I lived out my best day? have I really lived life to the fullest?

    Don't even get me started on the whole 'time to settle down palava. But I've decided to just take life one day at a time so i don't worry myself to death


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