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My wardrobe spilleth over, and I can honestly put my hand up and say that I have far too many pieces. I so wish I could be a super cool minimalist like Jenny Mustard or Ivania Carpio, but i'm far too indecisive and like to chop and change my style far too often. Some days I like to keep things simple, other days i love to go all out on colour, patterns and design, and i most definitely think I dress depending on my mood. Whilst i've written many a post about my purchases from various Charity Shops, and why I shop in them, I rarely talk about donating to them. Every six months or so like clockwork, I pull out every item of clothing from my wardrobe and scan over them, judging them by when the last time i wore said item, if i definitely will wear said item in the future, and if said item would fare better in someone else's arms, and then I usually put about ten to fifteen items aside and my Dad usually takes them to Barnado's. Killing two birds with one stone is definitely my kinda way of getting things done, especially if it's for a good cause. And speaking of good causes, this blog post is about them if you haven't already guessed by the title hehe!

boohoo a/w refresh
Boohoo are collaborating with TRAID as part of their Autumn Amnesty campaign, and we can all get involved too! I've chosen to donate a few very much loved, but not worn enough pieces, and one very special piece is the above blouse by ZARA that I bought back in 2013 (I think?) I've worn it on dates (unsuccessful as they were haha!), job interviews, and far too many times to university, three years down the line, it's still as perfect as the day I bought it. It's definitely time to part ways with it and hope it ends up in someone else's wardrobe and hope that they also have brilliant memories with it. 
As a cheeky reward for clearing out my wardrobe, Boohoo kindly gave my wardrobe a mini overhaul for the Autumn, with the star of the show being my new black trench coat, which i've been wearing with EVERYTHING! I played it safe with my choices and chose all black, because black.. just works with so much. So before i go off on a tangent, what are your thoughts on shopping in charity shops and donating your rarely worn bits and bobs? 

What I Wore…

Jacket, Skirt, Blouse* - Boohoo | Shoes - Primark | Lipstick - Colourpop 'LAX' 

(photos by Domnica @Domipieces)



  1. Love donating to charity shops. But sometimes I never actually get to do it. I move all the clothes in a suitcase or bag and just keep procrastinating on actually turning them in! Need to do better and I love this outfit.

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  2. I also love donating to charity shops and I always get the clothes back x3 whenever I do. Last time I did this was about 2 weeks ago and my wardrobe is almost empty right now. LOL

    Your outfit >> and yes, black works with so much.


  3. I love this outfit! It's classy but sultry at the same time. I love browsing charity shops - assuming this is the UK equivalent of a thrift store? - and I also donate my things every once in a while, but both happen much more infrequently for me than they do for you! My wardrobe has a pretty low turnover.

  4. These photos are AMAZING. I only shop second hand now but I'm so strict with what I buy that it's really rare I have to have a clear out.

  5. BABE! You look stunning in this all black combo and I am loving the trench! xxx


  6. I always take my pieces to charity shops there are some great ones in Glasgow that I've picked up,a few pieces from too
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  7. Love the entire look. https://meilifisayo.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/boyfriends-jacket/

  8. Charity shops are a great place to find good item at an even better price. My wife shops at one of the local shop here. We donate but not on a regular basis. Buy the way, you look stunning is the black trench coat and black dress. It's a lovely picture.


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