A Fresh Page.

New Year, Same Me.

A cliche post it may seem, but the feeling of a new year is indescribable. A fresh page in a blank notebook if you will. I love the sense of general enthusiasm and expectancy that comes with the chill of January, people seem happier, hopeful and determined and it's a wonderful thing to see. January feels electric and there's an intense crackle of excitement in the air, and for me on a more personal level it feels like… calm, a type of calm happiness. Last year was wonderful, but something tells me 2017 will be even better, for all of us.

Resolutions? I'm trying to document little moments on the blog more, things as simple as the first sips of coffee in the morning and how it feels, to a walk in the park, i miss that sort of content in the blogging world. I want to explore more parts of the UK whilst I still have more *free time*, first up is the lake district at the end of the month (hopefully!). I aim to read 100 new books by the end of the year, which will in turn help me to become a better writer as i feel i've been struggling a hell of a lot with blogging as of late because I simply don't know what to write, it's like my mind has been drawing blanks. I also want to just… have fun this year and say yes to things more, instead of over thinking things to death. What are your plans for this year? Any resolutions?

What I Wore…

Dress - H&M | Boots - Topshop | Glasses - London Retro



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  2. About this year being better than 2016, I also feel it!

    As far as resolutions go, I want to read more, work on self-development, travel more...both within and outside Nigeria, eat healthier, lose 10kg, get closer to God, finish all projects I start...hopefully I can achieve all these.

    Loving your hair and this dress :)

    Happy new year.

  3. I love the crisp and shiny feeling that comes with the new year as well. Everything feels like hope and potential and you're guided by the fact that there's a fresh start. I hope that 2017 is everything for you and more. Thanks for sharing this post love!


  4. I love this outfit Sade! I agree, I love the exciting start of a new year - I always feel so motivated! Looking forward to more posts from you :) x

    Sick Chick Chic

  5. Wow, 100 books is ambitious!

  6. I love this look. Give me a dress and boots any day. Definitely looking forward to your documentation of the mundane. It was one of my favourite things about In My Sunday Best when I first came across you -- big-haired, frolicking outside or taking look pics in your room.

    I know it's the 17th but Happy New Year anyway!

  7. I'm being more organic with my posts this year and not feeling like I have to "perform" for anyone. I don't want blogging to be a chore anymore so my approach is to post when I want, and not be bound by a calendar in my head.



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