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Word Vomit...

This blog post was supposed to be about my love for vintage clothing but i'll be honest and admit my brain feels a little fried this Sunday morning, and the thought of having to think and type intelligently is giving me a migraine. Instead i'm going to just type and I apologise for the word vomit in advance but sometimes a girl's gotta just type right? (see what i did thurr hehe). This week has been figuring out and finalising the teeny details on floor plans in Revit, constant scribbling in my sketchbook, mild stress, crying with laughter over whatsapp video calls with friends, eating hella dairy knowing full well i'm lactose intolerant and subsequently dry sobbing over the cramps and uh other side effects (TMI - soz), and doing this face to quite a few things. I've got about 2.5 months left of postgrad and all I can say is HALLELUJAH, THANK GOD! I have never wanted to finish something so much in my life, I have nothing left to give y'all (slightly overdramatic) but i-am-exhausted and getting irritated at seeing my own work aha! Another thing that has been on my mind is the struggle that i'm finding in writing blog posts nowadays. Give me the works of Bachelard to write an essay on and I could probably write a fairly compelling piece, but being able to write about myself in clothes, i simply don't know how to anymore, i'm not sure if it's because my outfits are based around comfort, practicality, longevity and things i can wear cross legged in studio, or that i'm just not that into fashion anymore? (probably the latter given the cosy outfit I'm wearing in this - deff not on trend heh!) The joys of being a broke student eh.

Anyway, i'm currently in the library procrastinating via, well blogging and instagram stories, and should probably get back to work. What has your week been like - vent below!

What I Wore…

Dress - Vintage | Cardigan - H&M | Trench Coat* - Boden | Boots - Topshop



  1. cosy outfits are certainly the best outfits, love the dress Sade. yayy to almost completing your postgrad, congratulations! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  2. I've had such a rubbish week too and writing a blog post this morning was also a struggle. I threw the words down but not quite as articulately as you. I love this little dress btw who cares if it's not on trend
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  3. Ah huge congrats on nearby being at the end of the finish line. I know that feeling oh so well! I don't think there's another one quite like it!

  4. Oh Sade, I can't wait FOR you for the next couple of months to be done and dusted so you can be wrapped up with studying! I imagine when your brain isn't be challenged so hard and you're not being forced to produce so much academic stuff you'll find it easier to blog, if you want to.

    Also, I'm lactose intolerant but like, megggga, so I've not eaten any proper dairy for 2.5 years now! I miss dairy milk chocolate, cheese, milkshakes....all the good stuff. I feel your pain! Though I did find some good lactose free easter eggs in Sainsburys - check them out!

    Flora x


  5. My week has been super annoying and i'm as stressed as stressed can be but i'm determined to stay positive and strong

  6. Congrats to being almost finished with your post- grad! Hope everything goes well for it :D
    Also love this look too :D such a cute dress!


  7. Ah it sounds SO stressy but will all be worth it - you really put the work in, I so admire you. I think you always look amazing, you have this really unique style x

    Sick Chick Chic

  8. I would love reading your essay about Bachelard and if you want, you can include some pictures of your clothes ;)

  9. Witivelittly3/30/2017

    Thank you ^^ and I know, I use them all the time x they look so nice! At this place, you can see more fashion things.

  10. Good luck with the rest of the postgrad - not long to go at all! Ok so first of all you look fantastic, as usual. Secondly, I totally sympathise with writing about fashion. I find it so hard these days, even with a set of outfit photos I really like, I find everything I write just sounds SO boring and overwhelmingly mundane. I still read a lot of fashion blogs but my own writing on fashion just seems to bore me to tears. I've felt a bit boring in my own style as well and I don't think that helps matters much! For what it's worth, I think when you've got a kind of core following, even if you write about something that's unrelated or a bit different to what you usually post then people will still want to read it. I've found this on my own blog where people seem as receptive to my opinions as they are to my outfits. I feel the same about reading bloggers I love though! "personal posts" or "life updates" or whatever you want to call it, are some of my favourites to read even if you they seem a bit "blah" to the author whilst writing them. So basically even if you think it's just word vomit people like me are still going to want to read :) xx

  11. Hello Sade, you looking fabulous with this outfit awesome style

    Fashion Apparel


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