Summer In The City. (Plus a Giveaway!)

Mayfair, London, UK

The World Is Your Oyster (Card).

There is an unbearable humidity in the air, iced coffee's are everywhere and trying to navigate through Oxford street at any given time of day is quite literally impossible. This can mean only one thing. Summer In The City. I sat down and realised a few days ago, that gone are the days of having a good solid three to four weeks off at summer to enjoy oneself. This will be the last ever summer I'll probably ever have where I'm *free*, and have quite a good amount of free time to well.. do stuff, and instead of just sitting at my laptop for hours on end, robotically applying for every architectural role that I may find, something is tugging at me to do and be more...
I'm a very much 'Live in the future' type of gal, so I tend to forgo enjoying the moment and instead I send myself into a panic worrying about every minute detail of the future, but I've set myself a mini challenge or summer bucket list of sorts. Several teeny challenges to tick off as the next month and a half roll by, or at least until the crisp cool air of September arrives.

My Summer To Do List
  • Travel to at least one country.
  • Meet three new people and go for a coffee with them.
  • Travel to at least one new city in the UK.
  • Do a London 'Staycation' and explore a new part of the city.
  • Discover a new author.
  • Meet other bloggers.
  • Go 'Off Grid'.
  • Blog at least twice a week (I'll try - Promise!)
  • Go to Kew Gardens
  • Wear more dresses! (Like the one in this post..)
Speaking of dresses, I picked up this beautiful Harry Dress from Joanie Clothing a few weeks back using a gift card I've had since February, and I'm so in love with it that it has inspired me to (as the saying goes..) dress like there's no tomorrow. Joanie have been kind enough to collaborate with me on a giveaway for you lovely readers! All you need to do is be following myself and Joanie on Instagram, and simply comment on this blog post letting me know which item you love on the website (and if you've followed both accounts). A winner will be chosen at random on August 1st and you'll be give £50 to spend on the site - How delightful! (PS this one is open internationally).

Let's hope this summer will be brilliant for us all!

What I Wore...

DRESS - Joanie Clothing | SANDALS* - Boden 



  1. The Harry Bardot frill dress is everything it's summer in a dress ! I would love the chance to win it :)
    X x x

  2. Following you both! i'd love the Farrah Can Can Dancers Frill Jumpsuit!

  3. ooh excellent. Following both anddd I love the Vida Cutwork yellow dress and the Cerise Cherry. Ooh and the Paris print... I think I need to pitch them lol

  4. What a beautiful dress and great photography as usual. I hope you tickets off all the things off your summer list!

    Just followed Joanie too because I wouldn't mind a cute thing. Definitely loving their '70s inspired slogan t-shirts.

  5. Your post makes me wish I was in London this summer, wandering around its buzzing streets! But I'll have to borrow your idea and make a summer bucket list so I enjoy where I am, too. Great idea!

    The Pepper Bicycle Print Shirt Dress is my fav, and makes me want to grab my bicycle and go for a ride today!

  6. Just followed! I would definitely love that same dress, so beautiful! Actually considering buying it right now! ;)

  7. That colour looks so good on you �� I've followed you for ages as you well know :) and have followed Joanie since just before they launched - I'm a big fan! I think I'd go for the Dylan dress. Super cute and it has pockets!!

  8. Your hair is stunning, Sade! And the dress looks so good on you. Have a great summer...

    Oréoluwa’s blog

  9. You look so summery!
    I follow both of you.

    I would really really love the Ellis Mirrored Tile Print Dress.
    Looks Amazing!

  10. Favour7/19/2017

    Following both IG's .
    I would love the octagon shrimp glasses.

  11. You look so lovely I'm your dress! Following both your accounts and I love the bird print tea dress.

  12. following both love the nisha lace short sleeve dress would love to win :)

  13. The Harry Dress would be a lovely pick me up after a long year teaching... something that wont get covered in paint! ��.. i follow you both.
    Ps you look lovely. Very summery!

  14. The Harry and the Bonnie Blue dresses are my faves! (couldn't pick just one...sorry)...really hope I win, my summer vacation wardrobe will be complete :D

    Followed both accounts :)

  15. Am following both (as booksnbrooches) the flora sunflower dress is absolutely stunning, I'd love to wear it!

  16. I follow both on instagram. I like the Pepper Bicycle Print Shirt Dress, Ava Mirrored Tile Print Skirt, Byker La Bicyclette Tee,


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