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My glasses have very much become a part of my identity now, and I don't mind one little bit. People often ask me why I don't just wear contact lenses, and I reply along the lines of me actually loving the look of glasses on myself and others. A lot of the time I don't feel *complete* without a pair of specs gracefully resting upon my nose, so you can imagine the horror I felt when I realised that my eyesight had worsened quite dramatically and I couldn't wear my old glasses as my prescription was way outdated. When David Clulow got in contact with me, asking if I'd like to come and get my eyes re-tested and pick out a new pair of prescription frames - well, it was my lucky day as I'd been putting it off for a whole YEAR.
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clulow cares
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I went to their Wigmore street branch as I'm always usually in the Marylebone / Oxford Street area for one reason or  the other and I was warmly greeted by staff and seated whilst I waited for the optometrist. My appointment was thorough, speedy and super easy (minus the dreaded air blowing in the eyes bit!). I found that my optometrist was very kind and keen on answering any questions I had. I asked about a few darker coloured spots in my eyes and if they were anything to worry about in the future and she kindly explained that it was actually just a result of my melanin production and nothing to fear which put my mind at rest. It turned out though, that my eyesight had deteriorated as a result of sitting at my laptop too much - Thank you postgrad Architecture for making my eyesight worse! But the optometrist told me it wasn't as bad as it could be thankfully. After giving my eyes the all clear and sorting out my new prescription, I went along to pick out a new pair of frames - My favourite part! I knew I wanted a roundish pair of glasses as that's my go to nowadays, but I wanted something that was a little bolder. I ended up choosing the "Round Fleck" RB2447-V Ray Ban's (for all the people who have asked on Instagram!) after um-ing and ah-ing for the best part of twenty minutes. I was told they'd be ready in about a week, and around five days later I was back at the Wigmore street location to pick up my frames. The opticians were wonderful in making sure my glasses sat correctly and comfortably on my face before leaving and they even made sure that I was 100% happy with the prescription. All in all, it was a quick and easy experience thanks to the kind staff at David Clulow, I'd most definitely recommend going for a full eye check, particularly if you're like me and don't go often enough!

What I Wore...

GLASSES* - David Clulow | JUMPER - Zara | SKIRT - H&M | HEELS - Zara | NECKLACE* - Adore | PHOTOGRAPHY - Yossy

[This post has been in collaboration with Talented Talkers and David Clulow, but all words, imagery and opinions are mine - as always!]



  1. Cute! Love those glasses, they look fab on you! And the outfit is gorgeous, as usual ❤️

  2. I wear glasses as well, and I never really mind wearing them, I usually get compliments saying how they are actually "so me". For the past year I've been wearing contact lenses and al though I like how my face looks glassless they can get uncomfortable and make me sleepy! ha!
    I've been trying to find this type of glasses for a while, I will love to cehck out this! THanks for the advice!
    To Read with Tea

  3. I wear glasses also; people say I look weird without them!

    I'm due a check up and an updated style. Especially in my line of work; I need my eyes to be in working order!


  4. Absolutely smitten with the pair you have picked out - they suit you SO well and are so darling to boot! Also love the animation with blue dots - so clever <3

  5. Anonymous8/11/2017

    I love how your outfit ensemble,including your hair centre parting blends with the glasses.


  6. Adore this outfit and your sense of style, and I'm sorry it's been so long since I visited your blog too - life has been hectic. I'm a glasses wearer too and while I've been thinking about contacts, like you, I think I'd miss my glasses too much. I love that they have so many different, cool styles now too, and you're right they end up becoming a part of your identity while also being nice and practical too! :D Stunning photos, you look amazing! - Tasha

  7. In love with this outfit babe !

    Emma, http://www.allineedisclothes.com/


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