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The Lightbulb Moment...

As of late, on the occasions where I'm lucky enough to work from my postcard and candle covered desk, my morning routine usually goes as follows: wake up around 7:30am and try to remember to read my devotionals in bed. 8:00am shower, brush teeth and find clean loungewear to throw on. 8:45am eat porridge and drink coffee at desk. 9:15am stare blankly into space, idly flicking between answering e-mails, looking at meme's on Facebook and wondering why on earth I simply cannot just do one thing at a time and stick to it. You see, I am a woman who thrives on structure, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do my best work under strict routine, I am truly a 9-5 (or 8 - wheneverigettheworkouttotheclientoclock in the architecture world) person. I like being able to plan around deadlines, specific timings and deliverables, and having to manage that on one's own is not easy - I salute all you freelancers! So with no strict routine for me on the horizon as such, and well - effectively being my own boss (it's not as fun as I thought it would be I'll tell you that!) I have my dear friends.... run out of steam. A creative block I guess. 
The distant chill in the air tells me that summer is winding down. People have pulled out their Autumn appropriate trench coats and have banished their flip flops to the back of their wardrobes until warmer weather appears the following year. Summer is a sequentially busy series of months, with most people jetting off to sunny shores, planning events, sorting out work related issues and there is a general sense of slow moving buzz all around, but as August slowly inches towards September, things feel like they're calming down. September feels like a new start, a fresh page in a new book. Not quite as extreme as January, but more of a 'oh the year is coming to a close in the next few months.. what did I want to achieve?' kind of way. So in realising that September is on it's way, I'm trying to find new ways to keep inspired during this period of lull, and for me I've found that through reading, journalling, listening and documenting, I've found my creativity slowly reigniting. Maybe I'll put together a brief detailed list of the podcasts and music I listen to whilst working, or the books that have kept me on the positive path as of late. Anyway - How have you all been? How has your summer panned out?

What I Wore...

DUSTER JACKET - asos | TEE - h&m | JEANS - c/o boden | BLOCK HEEL (similar) - primark | GLASSES - london retro | LIPSTICK - colourpop



  1. I'm the same, I work best when I have like a strict routine. It's one of the reasons why I loved school as a child. Glad to see that you're getting your creativity back Sade, a list of your podcast and book recommendations would be great.

    Love the simplicity of your outfit, the red coat and shoes are gorgeous.Love the sleeked back hair too. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. That coat is incredible Sade!

    I work to a loose routine as a freelancer - I block out certain hours as 'at desk' hours and aim to be signed out by 6pm at the latest in a bid to maintain some normalcy to my day as my family all work a traditional work day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it totally doesn't. I also like blocking time out to read a book or listen to a podcast during the morning portion of my day just to keep the creative juices going. Finding that balance is just such a toughie! x

  3. I went through a huge creative block recently as well, and nothing seem to be right! Right now, I'm slowly getting back and trying to take everything more seriously. I've love to hear that list of podcasts and books!
    To Read with Tea

  4. Myesha8/27/2017

    Could you possible do a detailed post on how you do your bun? I love this red on you as well.


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