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Sloane Square, London
It's that time of the year where we begin to look forward to the fresh chapter that January brings, we become pensive and reflective, making notes and lists of the things we achieved this year, or hope to achieve in the next. I myself was thinking about all of the things I 'missed' out on this year and quickly corrected my thinking and instead thought about all the incredible things I've achieved this year. especially those that I'd forgotten about because my focus was on the very small things that hadn't come to fruition yet. Refocusing on the good and the change is the best way to welcome in the new year, and speaking of change... For some reason whilst editing these photos, something made me want to dig through my archives to see how much my style had changed over the years because If you had said to me in 2011 that the 26-year-old me would be wearing a blush pink velvet dress and a pair of burgundy velvet heels, I'd have laughed but here we are! We thank God for growth right?!
I've been clicking on the 'Style' category of my blog and re-reading some of my old posts. I'm sat with a tea that has now become lukewarm whilst I smile to myself reliving the feelings I felt when I first clicked 'publish' on all these archived posts from many moons ago. Whilst the landscape of blogging has changed drastically, (as has my own little space on the internet...) It's so interesting to see how 'the me' then has gradually grown into 'the me now'. The things I cryptically wrote about back then, things I cried over, things I was overjoyed with, for the most part they mean absolutely nothing now, nothing more than a passing memory and that to me is... so wild. Some things have stayed the same though, for example, my love of midi skirts/dresses, high waisted jeans, oversized glasses and the odd kitschy accessory or two... But some changes were 100% for the better including no more spontaneous Dark n Lovely DIY hair dye jobs, no more piercings (My septum, nostril and four earlobes are enough now) and no more bright turquoise lipstick from illamsaqua now that my rebel phase is in resting.
Looking back at where you've come from, and seeing where you are now is such a phenomenal feeling, remember that for the new year, especially  if you're being hard on yourself for not hitting certain goals this year, look back regardless and be proud of your journey. 

What I Wore...

DRESS c/o boden | HEELS c/o boden | BELT c/o boden 



  1. I genuinely believe that you'll achieve great things!!

  2. What a lovely post! And that dress is just gorgeous on you *opens up boden in new tab*

  3. haha you rocked that turquoise lipstick none the less.

    I love your dress! The shoes and the soft makeup... Stunning!


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